Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Shopping online can be so much a better experience than queuing at malls during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We might be able to get some great deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at shopping malls, but why not avoid the hassle of finding parking places and fighting crowds? 

How about shopping on instead? We can find many great gift ideas and could win some great bargains by staying home and shopping online. This is really one of the most stress-free and fun ways of shopping.

How to Find Deals

One way we can find deals is by clicking on “Winners” list and checking out the “Featured Wins” in the last 24 hours. This gives us an idea of the auctions that have recently been selling at bargain prices. The winners listed here only used from one to maybe as much as eight bids.

This can change from day-to-day or week-to-week. I check it frequently and look for new trends. For example, I noticed that when new bid packs are listed, the old bid packs often start selling for less. If I look at this list and see the perfume sold at a bargain price several times in the last 24-hours, perhaps it is a good time to bid on perfume.

I took a look at this list now and see that a couple of multipliers, several bid packs and a duvet sold at bargain prices.

90% OFF From Auction Win Price?

I heard DealDash will feature a 90% OFF offer from all auctions starting on Black Friday! This is something that’s never been done before so be sure to check out those and other deals in the upcoming weeks.

Quickly Finding What We Need

Whenever I’m shopping on DealDash, if I want to quickly and easily find what I need, I click on the “Browse Categories” button. Then I choose from a wide range of categories listed such as: Cars, Electronics and computers, Fashion, Health and Beauty, Gift Cards, Hobbies, toys, outdoors and games, Home, garden and tools or Kitchen and dining.

By clicking on one of these categories, I can easily see what’s available and when each item is scheduled to go up for auction. We might find that the same item is going up for auction at several different times throughout the day. That gives us the opportunity to place bids on the item we want more than one time in case we do not win it the first time.

Another way to find what we need in a hurry is to type in the name of the item in the blank bar next to “Search Auctions” located near the top of the home page.

Sometimes it is a good idea to glance over all of the auctions because we might see new items that has never before been listed on DealDash. Sometimes I see new items going up for auction that I never even knew existed. I find it interesting to open those items to read all about them.

Therefore, I suggest you put on your most comfortable evening attire, fix yourself a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and enjoy shopping on DealDash. Happy shopping everyone!

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