Free Bids and Free Wins at DealDash!

Free Bids and Free wins at DealDash!!

Everyone loves bidding at DealDash and what makes it even more fun is if you could get some free bids too!  There are a few ways to get free bids at DealDash and I’ll explain that here.

dd chaseFirst, the best way to get free bids at DealDash is to just keep bidding.  For every second you bid you earn “time as high bidder” The Time As High Bidder Meter is at the lower right hand side of the auction page and for every level you achieve, you are rewarded with free bids.  The longer you’ve been playing DealDash the higher the reward.  When your meter gage is full of blue simply click on it and the bids are deposited in your account completely free….a gift from DealDash for being a loyal customer.  

Secondly, you can earn free bids for posting your wins to Facebook.  DealDash has a interactive Facebook page where winners post their pictures of the item they won with a few comments about it.  State the price you paid for it, how many bids you used and a brief description about your experience.  There are guidelines for the photos, but what I like to see most, and I believe DealDash does too, is the item out of the box.  DealDash has a set of Guidelines where they explain how to cash in on this most generous deal.  You can earn a few hundred bids a week with this offer.  

Third, Post to Pinterest and twitter too!  The beauty of Pinterest is you can put in a description of the “battle” you fought to win your item as the Pinterest platform allows for longer comments.  (battle is what an auction is called if it’s underway).  Open a Pinterest  account, then create a “board” and call it something like “My wins at DealDash” there you can create a collection of your wins which you can return to to admire, share and of certainly, do your research as many players list.  You can see who paid what for an item and it’s a fun way to get to know the other bidders outside of DealDash.  

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There are these ways to get free bids from DealDash and sometimes they have a sale for free wins too, and when they do, you can purchase bids knowing every penny of your money is going to bidding and not purchasing the item, so this is a great way to load up the bid meter for free bids.  Keep in mind, many players use a lot of bids during the free sales so stock up and get playing!  

Today, January 9 and and tomorrow the 10th at DealDash you will get free wins during their Super Weekend Sale and 50 auctions will start at once at 2PM, and the price of bids is on sale too! So, choose your favorite items and load up your Bid Buddy to do battle with other DealDash players.

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Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.