Little Bidders, Big Bidders

Poor little bidders and wealthy big bidders, young adults, senior citizens and people from many different ethnic backgrounds have one thing in common — they all enjoy shopping on

The underdog can win on DealDash
Don’t let the big bidders bully you. Learn about your competition.

I want to focus on the poor little bidders versus the wealthy big bidders. How can the little bidders ever win over the big bidders?  Should we just duke it out?  No. Perhaps we little bidders must learn how to identify and avoid bidding in the same auctions as the wealthy big bidders. Instead we need to learn how to pick out and compete with only shoppers who are the same size or are in the same category as us poor little bidders.

In other words, anyone can win bargains on DealDash, but we must first learn who to bid with and who not to bid with. But how do we know who the wealthy big bidders are?

Where to Begin

The first thing we can do is simply make a list of the screen names of wealthy big bidders. The purpose of creating this list is to give us a reference to refer to whenever we are wondering if we have enough bids to win the auctions we are in. The last thing a poor little bidder wants to do is to compete in auctions with wealthy big bidders. Even new customers (not yet familiar with the other customer’s shopping habits) can still quickly find and identify the wealthy big bidders.

Know Where to Look

The best place to look for the wealthy big bidders is by checking out the highest-dollar auctions. For example, if we open up the vehicle auctions and look at all of the previous screen names that already won a brand new car or truck those DealDash shoppers can be identified as wealthy big bidders. If we look at the large number of bids these customers used to win their brand new vehicle, plus the closing cost, it is obvious that these winners are loaded with bids and money. Therefore, we can start by adding those wealthy big bidders’ screen names to our list.

Other places we can look are auctions like the massage chair that has a Buy-It-Now price of $12,000. If we look at past winners, we will see that sometimes a past winner won an extra good bargain. However, most past winners of the massage chair used an incredibly high number of bids to win it — 18,353 bids, 47,523 bids and 5,571 bids. Most poor little bidders cannot afford to purchase that many bids.

A third auction we can look at is the women’s leather jacket that BINs for $3,400 or the men’s leather jacket that BINs for $3,600. Sometimes shoppers win an awesome bargain but more often than not it takes 1,000 or more bids to win one of these leather jackets. Therefore, we often find wealthy big bidders by looking at the past winners of those items, too.

By knowing who we can or cannot afford to compete with in DealDash auctions even poor little bidders can win some awesome bargains.

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