DealDash Tips to Understand Other Bidders

DealDash Tips

Understanding other bidders can be a tricky thing to do. Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas for understanding other bidders.

Do you know anyone in “real life” that’s also a DealDash bidder? Perhaps a friend or family member? It’s not unlikely, seeing as how DealDash has over 8 million registered users. Since you probably don’t know many (if any!) of the other bidders, it might be a difficult thing to figure out what they are thinking. Here are some tips and ideas from DealDash for you.

Keep Track of Those Bidders

If you’re a frequent DealDash bidder then you’re going to keep seeing the same bidder names over and over again. This is a great thing! Do you know why? This is a great thing because if you see the same bidders over and over again then you are going to start to recognize them, their bidding philosophy, and their bidding habits. Now you have an assignment.

The absolute smartest thing for you to do is to get a notebook or start an Excel file to keep track of all of these bidders. You will want to take down bidder names that you recognize seeing more than once. If you’re seeing the same bidder name more than once then that means that they are interested in some of the same things that you are bidding on.

You can write down as much information about them that you can discern from their bidding habits. You can write down what price they come in at, how long that you see them bid for, and what price that they stop bidding. After a while, if you see the same person you will be able to establish a bit of a pattern about their bidding. This information will help you in future auctions.

Look at it From Their Point of View

Trying to understand strangers can be really difficult. If you want to win more auctions you need to try to see things from other people’s point of view. This can be very difficult, but if you put your mind to it, you can do it! For example, if you check the Winner’s Tab you might see that someone has just won a pool. If you later see them bidding on pool toys, a pool cleaner, or a pool water tester, then you might as well just back right on out and try again another day. Smart, right? Think about it. Use the tools that DealDash offers you. The Winner’s Tab can be a very valuable tool for you to use.

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