Win on DealDash by Watching Other Winners

Celebrating a DealDash win is always great
What strategies do you use to win on DealDash?

What is the secret on how to win on DealDash? Did you ever notice how winners often tend to associate with other winners? That is because winners often learn from each other.  This also works when shopping on If we pay attention to the most successful shoppers on DealDash we might learn to become more successful shoppers, too. Read about Barbara’s strategies to win below.

Avoid Over Bidders

If we want to win more auctions, the first thing to do is to make a list of the screen names of frequent players we never want to compete with in the same auctions. Here’s how to do that. Pay attention to shoppers who often over-bid the value of the full retail price of the product. Click on various auctions and look at the previous winners list. Write down the screen names of everyone who overbid the full retail value of the auction.

For example, if we look at a 600-bid pack and see that a previous player used 1,000 bids to win the 600 bid pack, write down that screen name.  If we see the same player won a 1,000 bid pack and used 2,000 bids to win it, circle that name. If we want to win a bargain, we need to avoid competing in the same auctions with players who consistently over-bid.

When we first start bidding in an auction, we might not see that screen name in the beginning. After all new bidders have been locked out of an auction we can run our mouse over the icons of all qualified players to look for the screen names we want to avoid. If we see any of them actively bidding, we can consider cancelling our bids and going to another auction. We can also look at the previous winner’s list to see if those players have already been eliminated so we don’t have to worry about them joining our auction.

Avoid Power Bidders

We should also pay attention to other shoppers who consistently win more auctions than the “average Mary or Joe.” If we go to the winner’s list we can write down all the screen names of people who won more than one auction. If we check every day for a week or two and see the same screen names consistently won more than one auction, circle that screen name to indicate that is most likely a power bidder that you do not want to compete with in the same auction.

Other Considerations

Whenever we are bidding in an auction that gets down to the last two or three shoppers we often have to make a decision. Whether we should add more bids to stay in the game or cancel our bids and save the rest for another auction.

To make the best decision at this point, I look at four things:

  1. Did my last one or two competitors recently win a large bid pack?
  2. When did my competitors start shopping on DealDash (experience level)?
  3. What state do my competitors reside in?
  4. What do my competitors say in their bio?

I was one of three final players in an auction this week. During the auction I checked the Winner’s list to see if my other two competitors recently won a bid pack. Sure enough, one of them had just won 1,500 bids about 30 minutes earlier. Therefore, I immediately canceled my bids in that auction. I went and placed my bids in another auction and when I won the first auction was still going strong.

Join date

I know that if I look at the date my other competitors first joined DealDash, I feel I have a better opportunity to win.  If I see my competitors joined DealDash when I did in 2012 I also know they would be at the same experience level as me and that most likely means that competitor would be more difficult to beat.

Where is your competition from?

After shopping on DealDash as long as I have, I noticed that some of the strongest competitors come from two particular states. I will not name the two states so you will have to figure that out for yourselves. I try to avoid competing with shoppers from those two states overall. They appear to be the most stubborn and/or determined customers, which makes them more difficult to beat. I would call them “bullheaded” but DealDash would never slap a label like that on any of their wonderful customers. LOL!

When I look at what my competitors say in their bio, it often tells me a lot. If they say they are a retired attorney or doctor that might mean they are bored. Wealthy people with loads of bids who play for fun – not because they need a bargain. If they say they are retired military and were in an elite military unit: that usually means they most likely have a “never give up” mindset because that’s the way they were trained.

By watching winners, we can win, too. Try it, you’ll like it!

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.