Go Back to School With DealDash

Go back to school with DealDash!
While it feels like summer just begun retailers are already gearing up for back to school season. Shelves and entire sections in most big box stores are stocked with deals on school supplies. Whether you have a child heading back to school as early as next month, or September, it will be here before you know it, or if you are enrolled and college and ready to get started, you will need to purchase school supplies. As you may already know the fees for school supplies really can add up. DealDash can help you with most everything you could need/want for school without breaking the bank.

  • Electronics
  • -Tablets
  • The last Asus VivoTabRT Tablet and 10.1 Inch tablets sold for $2.52 and $8.11!asus 10.1
  • -iPads + iPad Accessories
  • Kindle – Now Amazon has rolled out with a $9.99 unlimited book plan for Kindle! Perfect way to read or get books to study for classes!  The last Kindle – the Paperwhite model- sold for only $1.27! Whoa! Where else can you find Kindles for that cheap? kindle
  • -Laptops – hp
  • -Desktopsgateway
  • -Software: i.e. Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe

officeadobeThe last auction for Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 sold for only $0.18  plus the final end price was free!
Plus, software like Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are must haves to get assignments done!
Success in school will require the right tech tools. From deals on tablets DealDash has deals on Samsung Galaxy and Asus Tablets to iPad Minis and Airs, to laptops – PC/or Mac and desktops.

  • Textbooks

One of the best places to purchase textbooks – get deals on used and new school books, tech manuals and more, is on amazon.com! Save money on textbook purchases by winning gift cards to Amazon on DealDash.
amazonThe last $75 amazon.com card sold for only 8 bids $0.08, 100 bids + $100 amazon.com $1.22! For more amazon.com auction deals check out these auctions!

  • Backpacks!

Save money on backpacks when you win them or buy them now with buy it now on DealDash. This Royce Leather Deluxe Laptop Backpack retails at $287 and last sold for $10.97

  • School Survival Tip – Water: You can also win deals on great filtered water bottles for pure water to help the student stay focused and hydrated.bobbleThis Bobble waterbottle last sold for only $0.56! Whoa! Great deal it retails for $10- buy it now on DealDash for $10 and get it shipped free!
  • Lunchbox Necessities – Win made in USA Rubbermaid lunch box food storage containers and make packing a school lunch fun and easy again. Or these Pyrex No Leak Containers.
  • pyrixThe last thing you want to be alarmed by is when you’re late for school. Win a brand new alarm clock and remember  – the early bird gets the worm!alarm fitbit iphone alarm High-tech or lower tech? Win a FitBit Flex wireless activity tracker that features a silent alarm clock to wake you up without disturbing others in the house. Lower tech – DealDash offers a number of alarm clocks that are really easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Or win an iPhone dock alarm clock – charge your iPhone and play music with it!


  • Back to School Clothes

Loved by some, a bit of a burden for others. Win gift cards to go on a back to school clothing shopping spree on DealDash and have fun, instead of worry about going back to school!
What do you think? Are you ready to go back to school? Enjoy the next few weeks we have left of summer & good luck!