DealDash Really Does Ship Everything, Free of Charge!

Did you know that ships not just small items like gift cards, candy, toasters, glow sticks, umbrellas, iPhones, iPods, salt & pepper shakers, ratchet sets (DealDash really does offer everything!) – all with free shipping, DealDash also ships items like bicycles, large HDTVs, paddle boats, motorized scooters, washing machines, fireplace inserts, bunk beds, and more all for free?!
Yes, even heavy items, DealDash ships free of charge!
How do you use DealDash?
All you have to do to try DealDash is:
1.) Buy bids – they start at $0.60 a piece.
2.) Watch auctions, then pick one to bid on.  Try to win the item you want! If you don’t win it use buy-it-now and get the bids you placed back and the item shipped free after you pay the stated cost.
3.) Or -hopefully, win and purchase the item at the final end price.
4.) DealDash really doesn’t charge shipping or handling fees on any of their items! It doesn’t matter how heavy the item is, DealDash will ship it for free!
5.) Wait for your item. Report back here as to how fast you receive it!
free shipping on pontoons ping pong tables and more
For instance:

  • The Suncast dog house is valued at $84, sold for $3.34 and weighs 23lbs. Shipping FREE!
  • This Sun Dolphin Sun Slider Adjustable Pedal Boat with Canopy, Teal retails for $749, but the end price of this auction pictured above was just $12.34. It weighs 825 lbs. Shipped FREE!
  • This Sportspower Conversion Top Table Tennis retails for $175, but the average selling price on DealDash auctions is $0.36 – weight exceeds 100 lbs. Ships FREE!
  • This VIZIO 60″ TV retails for $798 on and weighs 63lbs.

All of these ended items were shipped for free! All the winning bidders had to pay for was the final sales price and bids placed.
What is your favorite item on DealDash that you wish you could win for less? What other heavy items would you suggest DealDash offer?