Let’s Get Physical with DealDash

If you’re like me you would rather shop on-line and my favorite place to shop is DealDash, it’s fun and entertaining and when I win, it’s usually at a huge discount.  I often save 99% on items I need.   They have a great selection of everyday items for my family and friends.  But today I am going to review some equipment to help you get into shape.  DealDash has a nice selection of Exercise Bikes and Ellipticals.

rit reality bike 183 The Fitness Reality 2-in-1 Air Elliptical and Exercise Bike has a 14″ stride, it’s fan driven and quiet.  There is dual-action arms and stationary arms.  This unit has heart monitor comfort grips.  It retails for $183. Exercise equipment is a very popular category, but it’s also not the most popular item.  These items have a great BIN price.  The BIN (Buy It Now) option is good when you are bidding in a really popular auction because DealDash will give you bids back if you don’t win it, so go ahead and buy it. At $183 you would figure your BIN price by dividing the cost of the item by the cost of bids which leaves you with the number of bids to BIN.  If you reach the Buy It Now price, it’s time to back out.  So, 183./.15=1220 bids.  This is an item that you really want and need, so the plan is to win it, but only one person will win, hopefully it’s you!

Marcy ex bike 183The Marcy Upright Exercise Bike is compact.  It features continuous magnetic resistance for maximum strength and cardio strength. It retails for $183.  It features stationary arms and a large comfortable seat.

The exercise bikes that get the most bidding action will be the ones with the most features and gadgets attached to it.  This is a basic bike, and I would estimate this unit to go for about 80% off.  That’s based on the popularity factor.  Now, if you are in this auction and you really want it set up your BIN amount of bids and go ahead and win.  Tip: If all auctions are Free Wins this item will go considerably higher because bidders will come late and stay long. Try to get involved in this at off hours, you will reduce the number of bidders looking to get in it.  Search the item at DealDash and then bookmark it by using the “Alert Me” button, DealDash will alert you when the bike is coming on the market.  Timing is a big part of it and if this were to come on the market at 3AM on a Wednesday, set an alarm!  You will have a better chance if everyone is asleep when it starts.

Sunny Health 255The Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike retails for $255. This is the next level in quality and the bike features step through design and magnetic resistance.  Each one of these Exercise Bikes will come on the market once or twice a month, there are a lot of players who will be waiting for one.

The Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with Pulse is going to be very popular because it appeals to a broader pool of players.  None of these bikes are impossible to win, quite the contrary, you can do this!  Don’t let fear get in your way.  One suggestion I would have is to stay true to only one auction,  this one!  Don’t bid in multiple auctions when you really need something.  Especially if you can’t BIN, some players just use bids and don’t buy it.

Any one of these bikes would help you get into shape, you don’t even have to go out in the heat, just turn on the A/C and get physical!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!