It’s Time to Think Summer at DealDash!

It’s Time to Think Summer at DealDash!

You don’t want to wait until the middle of summer to start winning summer items.  You have your holiday shopping done,  it’s a new year.  Think Summer! There are many great summer items coming on the market at DealDash in the coming weeks.  You can find a nice variety of lawn furniture, yard decorations, swimming pools, accessories for your pool and many other items.  

There are bird houses and garden tools, kids toys and grown up lawn games. I have won so many items for my yard, I won a Bocce Ball Set for only a few pennies, I’ve won several Grilling Accessories for only one penny.

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I love bidding on Summer items and that is why I have 2 inflatables for our pool that I won for less than $3.00 and lighting for my yard, a floatation light I won for one penny.  I won a unique  gazing ball for only $2.20, it illuminates in a variety of colors and is charged completely by the sun.  I won this Swimming Pool Vacuum for only .69 cents.   

I won a 4-person Ozark Trail Tent for only $6.28.  It has a 6ft ceiling and it’s great to be able to stand inside it.  I won an inflatable boat for $3.39! It’s a boat! I’ve also won several garden tools, a couple of shovels, a hoe and a garden tool kit.  

I won this Automatic Swimming Pool Vacuum for less than $3.00.  With all thing added up I saved over 90% overall on all these fun Summer  items.   i will get years of use out of my great wins from DealDash.  I am so thrilled the Summer items are coming back, it’s time!  The weather has been very mild this winter, it makes me long for the fun in the sun time of year.  So over the next few weeks I will be notified by the “Alert Me” feature found in the individual auctions for all my new summer items.  

 I haven’t won it yet, but I am going for this fantastic Poly-Tex Mythos Series 6×8 foot Greenhouse, it’s been a while since it was on the market, but it is schedule to begin soon.  I really want this unit.  Guess I’ll have to load up on bids and make it my mission!


Good Luck and Happy bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.