Beat the Heat Fun at DealDash

Ouch! It’s been a scorcher this summer.  DealDash offers relief for the heat by being an indoor sport!  Haha. First and foremost, you can sit in the air conditioning and play DealDash while you try to win all your Summertime Fun items like a swimming pool, some floaties, or maybe some yard art or a bird house.

POOL-FLOATDealDash has a nice variety of outdoor items for your yard that you will enjoy all Summer long.  Everywhere I look in my yard has a wonderful something that I won or Binned at DealDash.  “Binning” is buying the item if you don’t win it, and DealDash will give you all your bids back.  It’s a fair and kind thing that DealDash does to say, “Sorry you didn’t win, here’s your bids back, go for another item”!  You never have to leave empty-handed when Binning at DealDash, you get your item and your bids back.

led birdbathThere are quite a few items that are my personal favorites in this category called “Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors and Games” also “Home Garden and Tools”.  There you will find a great selection of items for your home and for gifts, I have won some items multiple times and I love to give away my extra wins.  I just keep everything in my “present closet” and when I need something, there is always a DealDash treat in there.

pool dolphin dealsThis Swim and Play 15 ft. Above Ground Pool retails for $519, but the average selling price at DealDash is only $69!  I’ve seen the pool go for less than $20 a couple of times.  Once you win your pool you’ll want to fill it with the fun accessories.  DealDash carries, lighting, flotation devices, games and more.

dd bocceI have won some great games for the yard for just a few pennies and I see them go low all the time.  Ive seen this Bocce Ball Set go as low as .19 cents and I paid less than a dollar for mine.  I’ve actually won it a couple of times.  I like the low priced items for a quick auction.  Really, if you don’t win an item valued under $50 with a few bids, just plan on Binning it.  This way you know you will have the Bocce Set and your bids back!

croquetThey also have a really well made Croquet Set which I also have.  That was a BIN.  You just can’t win them all, but you never have to go away with nothing at DealDash. They have many way for us to win in place and they really want us to win.

Whatever you Summer outdoor pleasure, you are sure to find something at DealDash that will fit.  If you can dream it, just type it in the search bar at DealDash, they probably have it.  It’s so much more than just shopping, so hop on in a win yourself some great Summertime fun & games.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!