DealDash Tips: You Don’t Scare Me Power Bidder!

If you have been at DealDash for more that 24 hours and you aren’t going for the big prize, you are wasting time.  The power bidders have nothing on you, well except experience and a bunch of bids, but don’t let that bother you, and don’t underestimate the power of one bid.  I won an auction the other day with one bid left, literally my last bid won, it was phenomenal!

Here’s what you do; first, load up on bids, you will need them to beat the big guy, when I say load up on bids I mean thousands, if you aren’t prepared to spent hundreds of dollars to win thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, don’t bid on the big stuff.  You will only be disappointed because the chance of you winning with only 10 bids is simply unrealistic.  It does happen, but rarely over and over to the same person…think of the odds.

Now that you have loaded up on bids, just choose one item to bid on.  Don’t over extend yourself!  If you bid on six items at once and you only have 1000 bids you are going to be out of bids very soon.  With 1000 bids focus on ONE ITEM!

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Now, you have 1000 bids and you are going for the $ 3000.o0 item, my suggestion is to buy another 1000 bids. You have to realize that it takes more than a couple hundred bids to win the big items.

In the past, every single time I’ve tried to take down the big guy, with a few bids I’ve gotten taken down, it’s the nature of the beast! It’s plain and simple, going  for the big one means burning bids to beat the big guy!

Once you’ve decided to go for the big item, don’t let yourself down, you have committed to the item now go for it!

Going for it means, you use all the bids you can, you join the auction early then leave and come back when all the early bidders leave.  Then there is the group who comes in after the initial run. So now you have the early bidders and the mid to early bidders.  After that you will get the mid to late bidders who think they are going to come in after you  placed 1000 bids.  Now is the time to back out, come back when this guy is exhausted.  We are looking at another 1000 bids.

So, you are ready to go for the big one, and you are going to buy 2000 bids. The best advice I can give you is you most likely won’t win both auctions you are bidding in, but you will win one.

Stay involved. stay focused, don’t over extend yourself.  Buy a lot of bids!

I hope this helps you make some good decisions.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!