Gardening Made Easy With DealDash

Yesterday we told you how you could can and dehydrate your fruits and vegetables from your summer garden, but what if you don’t have a garden started yet? We want you to be well on your way to having a successful garden this summer.
Here are some gardening tips and items to help you start your garden.
1. Composting
Composting is great because it not only helps you save when it comes to your monthly trash bill, composting makes your soil so much more fertile to produce delicious fruits and vegetables. Composting is a process where you collect your fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds, put them in a bucket then transport them to a composter, a dark container with holes for ventilation. After some time the scraps will break down and become fertilizer. For kitchen scraps keep a container with a lid and a handle under the sink you can use a stainless steel pail or an old ice cream bucket then transport them to your composter. 

DealDash offers auctions for the Koolscapes 50 Gallon Sandstone Composter.
A “contemporary 50 Gallon Composter is uniquely designed with the aesthetic elegance of authentic stone with the longevity of plastic. Made with unique stone line appearance, Has a locking lid, Rear door for access to compost, Tea collection reservoir, Holes for Aeration, Screen for tea collection and drain for tea.”
Tea? Yeah, I was wondering what that was all about too. Compost tea is not tea you drink but a nutrient rich tea for your plants:

Compost tea is easily made by soaking or steeping compost in water. The resulting compost tea is used for either a foliar application (sprayed on the leaves) or applied to the soil.We all know that compost is a wonderful addition to soil and helps our gardens grow better. You and your garden plants can benefit even more by using compost tea.By using compost tea to replace chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, you can garden safer and be more protective of the environment. Compost tea:

  • Increases plant growth
  • Provides nutrients to plants and soil
  • Provides beneficial organisms
  • Helps to supress diseases
  • Replaces toxic garden chemicals


2. Greenhouses
While not necessary to a successful garden a great way to get a head start on your garden is a greenhouse. The greenhouse is the perfect seed starting environment. It’s wind resistant and provides a lot of light for your budding vegetable, fruit and flower plants.
DealDash offers a number of greenhouse auctions. This one, The Clear Flower Greenhouse last sold for just $1.69!
clear flower greenhouse deals

This portable, pop up greenhouse is perfect for extending your growing season and protecting your plants.The Unique Flowerhouse Pop Up design make Greenhouse set up the easiest it has ever been. Screened vent openings allow for optimum air circulation. Read this blog for more greenhouse auctions and types offered on DealDash.
3. Raised Bed Gardens
Raised bed gardens look great in your yard and especially great because you don’t have to till up or make a mess out of your lawn.
DealDash offers a number of different raised bed garden frames:
frame raised bed

Frame It All Raised Garden Curvesgarden benSuncast Tiered Raised Garden Bed

Both raised garden beds look great in your yard, made of durable plastic resin vs. wood that rots and easy to set up you will have a beautiful garden in no time without even needed to tea up the yard.
4. Potted Gardens
If you don’t have a yard to plant you can still grow a great garden with pots. You just need a small deck or patio with sun and you can grow everything from herbs to jalapenos, bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers, and berries.
Check out this great Niles concrete planter with indoor/outdoor speaker on DealDash:planter

Magnolia Premium Installation  – this Niles indoor/outdoor speaker features a 6-1/2″ TCC-filled woofer and two 1″ Teteron tweeters to ensure sonic vibrancy while you enjoy your favorite music. The speaker simulates a planter to offer a stylish accent to your backyard or garden. Find out when this will go to auction on DealDash by clicking “Alert Me” at Niles Magnolia Speaker Planter.
Gardening tools – 
Check out these auctions on DealDash for gardening tools:
Barnel USA Garden Hand Trowel, Cultivator and Transplanter Kit and the Radius Gardens Pro Digging Fork.
barnel usa radius-garden-digging-tool
Do you garden? Be sure to check out DealDash’s summer bid promotion where bids are just $0.17 right now! Tell us what you grow!