It’s Easier To Win These Days at DealDash

It’s been well over a month now since DealDash lifted the win limits on auctions, and it been such a joy to have less competition in auctions, yet win so much more.   It’s much easier to win with the one of each item for the week.

What this means is, although you can win as many items as you wish, you may only win one of each item per week.  For example, once you’ve won the white stand mixer, you may only win it again in a week.  However, you may win a stand mixer of  a different color or style.   It’s a double-win with the new sale because there are less players in the individual auctions because you may only win an item once, and you may win as many items as you wish.  This is a real treat.  You could essentially get your holiday shopping done is no time and never leave your home because DealDash delivers every item for free.

There are a few things to keep in mind when bidding with this new style, you can go see what a player has won and know that they are out of the field.  Perhaps there is a special clock you want, you know it comes on the market often, check the list, see who’s already won it this week, there you will know they are out of the field, leaving it wide open for you.   Yes, there is always, “that bidder” who likes to win everything, but they can’t win them all, just like you can’t.  Everyone makes mistakes, even the big spenders.

Also, the unlimited availability of wins is endless, you can bid all day and all night and it’s ok if you won 15 items or more!  I would suggest you set a budget for bidding and stick to that, of course buy your bids on sale and if possible, bid when prizes are 50% off or free.  You may use more bids in that case, but I usually use the free bids that DealDash gives me for my Time As High Bidder to achieve my win, the bids were free, and DealDash is very generous, as long as the item hasn’t reached the retail value, once there it’s time to Buy It Now (BIN). If you BIN an item you’ve been bidding on, DealDash will refund your bids if you purchase the item instead of winning it.

DealDash is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and there is usually someone working who can answer any question you might have, just click the “Contact Support” Tab and you will be directed to either email the staff or the live help may be available, if it is, you will get an answer to your question right away.

So, come on over to DealDash and win as many prizes as you like!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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