Creature Comforts- Pet Items at DealDash

pet dogOur pets are our family, most people who have pets consider them their children, and DealDash recognizes that with a couple of items to spoil them.   You can find fun and convenient supplies for your pet at DealDash and have fun while you’re doing it.

Pet items are very popular at DealDash, so I would suggest you choose the item you really want for your pet and focus on that.  One of the nicest things at DealDash is that you can shop in advance of the auctions and set an “Alert Me” for items that are scheduled to come on the market.  This convenient feature lets you shop in advance either by flipping through the pages, or by using the search bar and category tabs.  Once you’ve identified an item you would like to win, simply click on the Alert Me Tab and DealDash will send you an email a couple of days before it comes on the market, and then the day before and one last email when it’s about to go live, you shouldn’t miss it with these reminders.  Usually, “the day of” I will set an alarm of my own and go to the computer when it’s time.

bb_7b56c85daa5e6e62c02736a86bffd214_0086167400000_500X500One of my favorite pet items from DealDash is the GPS pet tracker to attach to your pet and cell phone, if your pet goes missing, you will be on its trail in no time.  It’s one of those special items that is rare and only comes on the market once in awhile.

petThey also carry a nice variety of pet beds everyday.  If you have a tiny pup or a big guy, you can find the right bed for you pal at DealDash.  I’ve won a couple of pet beds, they should be easy to win.  I wouldn’t get into a bidding war with someone like a Stomper because there is always the next one and it makes better sense to wait for it to win smarter.  I’ve noticed that if there are two of the same items on the market at the same time often the one that came on second goes for considerably less than the first one, probably because two or more people got into a bidding war and no on will give up, meanwhile, someone else won it for .68 cents!  You have to keep your eye open!

If you are looking to spoil your pet with a great win at DealDash, look for the comfy beds, they are very often easy to win and your pet will love you!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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