How to Get Great Deals on Smartphones on DealDash!

Ask anyone what piece of technology has made the greatest impact on our lives and I bet we’d all agree that it’s the cellphone.
Cellphones, with smartphones in particular, have had the greatest impact on our lives in the US. Before cellphones, in order to place or receive a call, a person had to be near a landline phone. This meant staying home or waiting in the office for a call. Then, in 1984 the world of communication changed The world’s first cellphone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000Xdynatac, was introduced for anyone willing and able to shell out a hefty sum of $3,995. The invention of the cellphone meant instant communication, anywhere, anytime. The first cellphone was coined “The Brick” due to its size and weight of just under two pounds.
Thankfully, with advances in technology, cellphones are now affordable, widely accessible, lightweight and portable. If you bid on you can get them for even less. Cellphone technology has advanced so much now that the most popular type of cellphone is the smartphone. Not only are smartphones over 95% cheaper than the first cellphone, they have made communication much better.  For instance, with a smartphone, users can not only hear the person they are calling, but see them over video. Smartphones are like miniature computers. The early computer was not affordable or portable, they were so large they filled the size of a room. Smartphones equip the user with the ability to do so much more than just quickly place calls and send messages, smartphones come with advanced operating systems and access to thousands of applications. Applications, popularly termed “apps,” can be installed at the click of an on-screen button. For example,  apps allow the user the ability to easily take and share photos and video, pay bills, deposit checks, find directions, search for homes and cars, access the Internet, study, research, shop, compare prices when shopping, order food, plan vacations, meet new people, keep track of finances, watch movies and TV, listen to music, and so much more. Smartphones have enhanced our lives, making them better.
However, with positives there can also be negatives. Negative impacts of cellphone use, overuse of smartphones in particular, have led to antisocial behavior and even death. Misuse of cellphones while driving, to text, browse the Internet, or even just answer a call, have been found to be the contributing factor of many traffic deaths. As a result, a few states have made using a cellphone while driving illegal. Some states have even instituted bans and assessed large fines for drivers caught texting.  Furthermore, the social impacts of cellphone use is also a problem. For instance, many smartphone users have been known to incessantly check for new messages or use social networks, post status updates and “like” what others share. Some addicted smartphone users will even use their smartphones habitually while they are spending time with friends and loved ones. Smartphones are often always near the user. Many users even go to bed with their smartphones, walk down the street, and cross an intersection while reading or texting.
With that said, cellphones have greatly impacted our lives in the United States, both negatively and positively. Ultimately the affects a cellphone has relies on the user. A cellphone can be used responsibly, just as it can be used with negligence. The day cellphones were invented, that was the day the world changed and the day DealDash started selling penny auctions for smartphones, that was the day we were able to save money (when we win* note not everyone wins!). Read our tips and carefully bid!
Iphoen 5cHow would you like to win a brand new iPhone 5C? How about for as low as $14.18, or $34.68 or even $146.82? Recent bidders on penny auctions for a brand new iPhone 5C 16GB on DealDash won it for as low as those end prices + their bids (that are usually just $0.16 a piece!) Pretty sweet for a brand new iPhone 5C that’s unlocked which sells for around $650 retail!
The iPhone 5C is Apple’s latest iPhone and it’s amazing! Features an A6 chip.
8MP iSight camera. 4-inch Retina display. Ultrafast LTE wireless.  It comes in a rainbow of lively, vibrant colors. The 5C comes with iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, NUmbers and Keynote. Plus thousands of apps great for email, surfing the web, texting, placing FaceTime calls.
Every new iPhone comes with better-than-ever versions of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. So you can be creative and productive right from the start. You also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, making FaceTime calls — there’s even an app for finding new apps.


iphone 5c
DealDash doesn’t just have auctions for iPhones, there are Samsung Galaxy cellphones (unlocked) too!
Check out this upcoming auction set to end tomorrow, July 12th:

samsung galaxy
Tips for bidding on smartphones on DealDash:

  1. Use BidBuddy – you won’t miss the bid button and lose your bids when you still wanted to bid more when you set up a bid buddy to bid for you.
  2. Buy it Now – use buy it now if you bid more than you wanted, don’t win and still want the phone and your bids back. You can purchase the smartphone and get all of your bids back win-win!