Best Deals of the Week July 3-9th!

Wondering what type of great deals bidders are getting on DealDash? Here’s the rundown of a few of the best wins each day for the past week!
Can you get the Magic Bullet Blender? Of course you can, if you bid and win one on On July 9th, bidder dewlily2003 from ND won this Magic Bullet Blender which retails at $70 – for only the bids they placed and the final end price of $1.56 (156 bids total by all winners) if all bids were purchased at $0.16 – the current sale price, this would mean that all bids placed by all bidders would equate to less than $25.
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Perfect for exercise, travel and every day.. The Apple iPod Shuffle! Check out the awesome deal bookiesmom got on July 8th on this brand new 2GB purple iPod Shuffle. She won it for a final bid price of $0.26 and just a few bids! Recent sold auctions have ranged in price from $0.11-$1.11. Click to search for all upcoming iPod Shuffle Auctions!
Apple iPod Shuffle Sold on
July 7th this Alienware 17-inch Vindicator Briefcase was won by feelsGOOOD for only $0.14 – just a few cents literally even including bids! This is a great durable briefcase for larger laptops and retails for $148!  For more Alienware goods check out these auction deals on DealDash.
alienware caseWhere else is it possible to get a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 with 32GB for way less than the $550 cost? feelsGOOOD won not only the Alienware briefcase last week but the Galaxy Tab S for only $37.99 plus bids – so while 3,799 bids were placed by all bidders if he or she placed half of those at say $0.15 a bid they still won it for under $290! Whoa! Since we can’t see how many bids were placed he could have really gotten it for much less….samsung tablet
You’ve probably heard about the FitBit Flex already- it’s the ultimate fitness tracker and motivator and some companies are even using the Fit to award physical activity. It tracks steps and sleep and will even wake you up with a sound-free alarm clock! Sraemeyer won this lime green one, valued at $100 for just $0.55 on July 5th.
Wow! Way to go! To see upcoming Fitbit auctions and save money with a deal on a FitBit click here!
On July 4th all of the auctions were 0 end price auctions meaning DealDash waived the final end price so bidders only paid their bids spent. This All Power American 3200 PSI Gas Pressure Washer retails for $495, pas321 won it with bids and didn’t have to pay the $62.04 end price. all power pressure washerThe Nikon Coolpix p600 is a great camera – not dSLR but a great camera to have – 16.1 megapixels this one takes clear shots and it’s lighter in weight than a dSLR. Won by Blacklatina for bids and the end price was 0 after it was waived from the $23.95 coolpixCongrats to all bidders who got great deals this week on DealDash! Let us know what you won. And remember, if you share a photo of you with your win you can get free bids! Read this blog to learn how.