New iPhone 6 Coming Soon?

The next generation of iPhones, iPhone 6 is rumored to launch soon. There are already lines outside the flagship Apple Store in NYC. Turns out some smart iPhone enthusiasts are in line to snag the first ones to resell right away.
Wondering where you might be able to get it for less or if DealDash will have it? It probably won’t be right away but they will start selling them and chances are some will goapple for a lot and others may sell for less than retail!
According to CNET, there’s been buzz about the iPhone 6 being superslim, with curver screens and a larger size than the iPhone 5. They are also speculating that TouchID, a fingerprint sensor in the 5s
Apple will hold a keynote on September 9, the company confirmed rumors and sent out official invitations for an event on the very same date. The invite didn’t say what would be released, but everyone is speculating that it will be the iPhone 6.
MacRumors posts the following on their site:

At a Glance

Apple’s 2014 iPhone will be introduced at a September 9 media event. It will include a larger, redesigned form factor with 4.7″ and 5.5″ diagonal screens.


  • Release date: September 2014
  • Larger screen: 4.7″ and 5.5″
  • NFC for new payments initiative
  • Sapphire crystal screen on some models
  • Faster and more efficient A8 chip

dealdash iphone deal
One iPhone 5 recently sold on DealDash for $1.21 (Margo21 paid for a few bids she used to win it and the final price of $1.21 wow!)
The current iPhone models for sale on DealDash include the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and 4s.
The 5S comes in metallics – gold, black and silver, it features a super A7 chip, a touch ID fingerprint sensor, ultrafast LTE wireless, an iSight camera with a larger sensor and iOS 7. The iPhone 5C comes in a rainbow of colors; green, blue, pink, yellow and white. It’s super fun! Features an A6 chip, ultrafast LTE, 8MP iSight Camera as well and iOS7. 4S features Siri, an A5 chip and comes in black and white.
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