Tips to Win a New iPhone X from DealDash


Across the board, people are excited about the new iPhone X. You can win one from DealDash!

The iPhone X is a highly sought after and popular phone. It’s the latest and greatest technology from Apple, a company that’s truly a household name. Did you know that you could win a brand new iPhone X for an awesome price from DealDash? Here are some of our top tips for winning an iPhone X.

Pick the Best Auction

DealDash typically offers the same item within days or weeks of each other, so while there is only currently one iPhone X auction going on right now, I don’t doubt that this popular auction will be back. The iPhone X is an auction that will most likely last several days. When you see an auction for an iPhone X coming up, it’s a very good idea to book a few bids into your BidBuddy or place a few bids at the beginning of the DealDash auction. This so you won’t be locked out later on.

DealDash has a $5 No Jumper limit, and there is no exception to the auctions for the newest iPhone. So many people are interested in this particular phone there will probably be quite a few bidders in each of these auctions. No problem, you will just have to be sly and bide your time for the best moment to join the auction in earnest.

Be Alerted to New iPhone X Auctions

If you don’t have the time to check DealDash every single day to see if there is going to be a new iPhone X auction going on, don’t worry! DealDash has figured out that problem for you with the excellent solution called “Alert Me”. The way that Alert Me works is simple. Just do a search in the DealDash search bar for the auction that you want, and it will come up. If there is no auction for the item currently scheduled, then you can click the button that says Alert Me, and DealDash will send you an email when there has been an auction scheduled for the item. You can then go check it out and toss a few bids into the BidBuddy so you will be prepared and not be locked out of the auction.

Just BIN It if You Need it

If you are planning on purchasing the new iPhone X, hopefully, you will win. However, high-end and expensive phones like the iPhone X can be a little tricky to win. Not impossible, however, because someone always wins on DealDash, even if the item only goes for $.01 DealDash always honors the sale.

If you don’t win the iPhone X, DealDash has a solution for that, as well. DealDash offers the BIN option on each and every auction, even the iPhone X. You can just BIN (Buy It Now), and pay retail price for the item and you will receive all of your bids back. You’ll receive your item, all of your bids back, and get to keep the clock time that you accrued while bidding, which will be a significant amount of time since auctions for high-end smartphones typically last for a long time. BINning an auction that you don’t win from DealDash is always a smart choice so you don’t lose any bids. You will also have your item shipped to you for free!

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