DealDash App Let's You Bid On DealDash When You're On the Go!

dealdash smartphone app

On the go and don’t have the time to sit on your computer and watch auctions on DealDash? You can take DealDash with you wherever you go with the DealDash App if you have an Android powered smartphone.
Check out these screenshots to see how the app will display DealDash on your smartphone or tablet. Give it a try if you have a smartphone running on Android.
You can find the bidding app in the Google Play store.
dealdash android app
Don’t have a smartphone, or want to buy a new one? Did you know that you can save money on a brand new smartphone if you win one on DealDash?

What is DealDash?

DealDash is online shopping with a fun twist. DealDash offers deals on items via fast paced “auctions,” users must first register to bid on the site, purchase the opportunity to join in and bid to win with “bid packs.” Bids cost $0.60 a piece unless you purchase bids when there’s a promo sale running (note bids in your first bid pack purchase will cost $0.60 each, then you can get the discount on subsequent purchases). Auctions run around-the-clock with new items being added all the time. The auctions each have countdown timers, but unlike eBay, these auctions are in reverse. The timer counts down, until someone places a bid then the timer resets and counts down again. The winning bidder is the bidder who is unopposed when the timer hits 0 and the auction ends! Winners pay the auction’s final end price + any bids placed and purchased and no shipping costs! DealDash partners with trusted retailers like and Walmart to deliver your brand-new, manufacturer’s warranted items fast!
Mobile Bidding Tips for DealDash Bidders on the Go

  •  When you’re on the move and still able to bid on on your smartphone or tablet be sure to remember these tips!
  • 1. Don’t bid while in the subway… you never know when you could hit a dead spot or go underground and lose service.
  • 2. On a plane. While super convenient and usually pretty good, Wi-Fi in the air may not be reliable. Plus if the auction goes on, it could be time to land and you’re still bidding. Be careful, you’d lose.
  • 3. While crossing an intersection. May seem obvious, but so many people are seen on their smartphones while crossing the street. Just don’t.
  • 4. Absolutely do not bid while driving. You could be putting your life or someone else’s at risk. Be save and bid when you’re parked.
  • 5. While out with friends or on a date… Ok, unless your friends or significant other know about your bidding habits and are cool with it… Don’t be rude!
  • 6. When your device’s battery is low. Make sure it’s charged and can be readily plugged in if need be, We all know how long those auctions can go for!
  • 7. When you should be working… Make that money then spend it! Don’t bid at work, it won’t end well if your boss finds out.

Check out these recently ended deals for new smartphones! DealDash also offers auctions for accessories such as Otterbox and LifeProof cases.
This Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III – Mini smartphone *unlocked* sold to Hcnakartal for only $7.60! 760 bids were placed by all participants. This is a one-per-user item, meaning once you win it you can’t win the same item again when it’s offered in a future auction.
galaxy s3 deals-dealash
The Buy it Now Price – by the way, you can buy any auction that’s running for the listed Buy it Now price and get all of your bids back if you’ve placed any in the auction! Your bids will be returned to your bid balance and your item shipped free.
This brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 4G LTE Mobile Phone (Unlocked) in purple sold for $35.78 to doctorx1. 3,578 bids were placed by all bidders in this auction and this is, like the S3 mini, a one-per-user item.
galaxy s4A Brand New LG Nexus 5 4G Cell Phone (Unlocked*), White sold for $34.84 to bidder decent11!
The LG Nexus 5 cell phone’s display features a capacitive touch interface, so you can easily navigate on-screen content, and displays 16M colors to ensure vibrant images. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows wireless pairing with a wide range of devices.
Where are you when you bid on DealDash, and on what devices do you use?