Tips for Winning Angry Birds & DealDash, Plus Angry Birds Auctions!

Do you know someone who loves Angry Birds, so much they go to sleep playing the famously addictive game?
Launched in December of 2009, AngryBirds has since become the highest downloaded freemium game of all time, and is now offered for gaming consoles and PC.  If you’re not familiar with Angry Birds you really should give it a try. The game involves using a sling slot to propel small birds with bad attitudes (hence the “angry” in the Angry Birds name) at glass and timber houses to attack green pigs.
Watch this Angry Birds Go! game trailer to learn more:

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Angry Birds has gained so much popularity that its founder, Finnish Rovio has since released  various versions of the game: Angry Birds Space, Star Wars, Friends, Stella, Go! and Epic
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Tips for Playing Angry Birds, these tips can also be applied to bidding on DealDash!
1: Make sure you have time to play as this could be time consuming.
2: Know your birds. Know the personality of each bird. For instance, when you tap the screen while a yellow bird is still in the air you can accelerate his speed. Black Birds can be used to smash through concrete and hard structures.
3. Use different angles when trying to crash a structure, or in bidding, use a different strategy! 
4. Observe and Remember – Were you successful crashing a building or knocking out pigs with a particular way you were pointing your slingslot? Remember how you did it and repeat. Were you successful bidding by “throttling,” (placing a bid as soon as an opponent bids) or by “waiting in the weeds?” Remember what you did to win and try it again in another auction!
5. Have Fun
In playing and bidding, be sure to have fun! Don’t stress out if you don’t win. Use buy-it now if you have spent a lot of money in bids and lost, that way you can reclaim your bids and get the item at the retail price. If you lose, try again! Just take it easy and don’t stress!
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Which Angry Bird is your favorite?