DealDash Tips to Win and Win

DealDashAre you ready to win and win on DealDash? Here are some tips to get you winning more on DealDash.

Let’s face it, the fact that we are all bidding on DealDash is that we are hoping that we will win an auction and get a great deal on a new product. However, you might not be winning and winning as much as you would like. If you read this blog (and all of the other DealDash blogs, of course!) then you will be winning and winning before you can say “BID!” Read on for more information.

Look at Your Past

What have you won before? Take a peek at the auctions that you have won previously. Have you won a lot of items in a particular category? If you have had a lot of luck in a particular category then perhaps you should keep bidding in that category! However, if your winning is scattered across a few different categories then you should look at the auctions that you have won for the best deal. For example, I have won a lot of jewelry on DealDash. I continue to bid on jewelry because they make excellent gifts for just about any woman or girl. Once you have figured out what you’re good at winning, try to keep it going. Stay in your sweet spot until it stops giving you wins. Then move on.

Look to Your Future

If you haven’t had a lot of luck in the past on DealDash, then perhaps you would be better off looking towards the future. If you are able to visit DealDash every day and look for new products then you might be able to get a win. For me personally, it seems like I have a lot of luck with items when they first appear on DealDash. I’m not sure exactly why this is, perhaps people like to bid on things that are more familiar to them. However, I love trying new things and products, so bidding on brand new items when they become available on DealDash is fun for me.

Find the Right Time

If you want to win and win, then you need to find the best time to bid on an auction. This could be different times on different days. It could also mean different times depending on which category that you’re bidding in. The moral of this story is that you need to visit DealDash and do a lot of observation, not just bidding. Bidding without doing your research just isn’t a good idea.

Thanks for Reading

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