DealDash Tips to Think About This Week


Here we are at the start of a new week. Boost your DealDash success by reading these tips for this week.

How are your DealDash wins going so far this month? We are coming to the close of September, how many items have you won? If you feel like you should have won more than you actually did, maybe you need to brush up on your DealDash skills. Keep yourself in tip-top bidding form by reading this article and taking advantage of the tips inside. Read on for more information.

Watch a Power Bidder

Everyone who has been bidding on DealDash a while can probably think of the names of a few Power Bidders. If you’re not familiar with the term Power Bidder, it basically means someone who will stay in the auction indefinitely until they win. That isn’t an option for most people, but you can still learn many things by watching a Power Bidder in action. You might learn when the best time to enter an auction is, when to use your BidBuddy and when to do single-bids, and when to do a little stomping on your opponents. Power Bidders don’t just have a huge number of bids to spend, they also have a wealth of knowledge that you can try to soak up by watching them bid.

 Keep an Eye on the Winner’s Tab

Checking out the Winner’s Tab can help make you a winner as well. You can learn a lot about what’s going on around DealDash on any certain day by looking at the Winner’s Tab. In case you aren’t familiar with this section on DealDash, I’ll tell you about it. If you want to find it, just go to the home screen and look at the navigation bar at the top of the screen. You will see different categories such as Auctions, Help, How It Works, Badges, Winners, and My Dashboard. Simply click on the one that says “Winners”, and you’re in! If you’d rather follow a link, just click this one, and it will take you directly to the Winner’s Tab.

Once you are in the Winner’s Tab, you can see a huge wealth of information on each and every auction that was won on DealDash. The Winner’s Tab constantly updates, so you can see what’s going on in real time, with just a slight lag. Here is the information that you can see about each and every completed auction:

  • The item with a picture and a link to the auction
  • Who won and where they are from
  • How many times they bid
  • An estimated bid cost
  • When they won the item
  • What the final auction fee was
  • What the BIN (Buy It Now) price of the item was

So you see, you can learn a lot of things from the Winner’s Tab. Check it out!

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