High Value Gift Card Deals

Wondering how you can save tons of money on all the new stuff you really want? Check out these awesome deals on high value gift cards on DealDash.
american airlines gift card$250 American Airlines gift card sold for $0.53 and was won by user rcrocks. Want to jetset? Bid on airline gift cards on DealDash. $0.53 means only 53 bids were placed by all bidders in this auction. That’s seriously a steal. Fly like a frequent flier without the deep pockets.
Note: Sometimes these auctions can go on for day so you really need to look out and only spend what you can afford to lose + buy it now if you do not win.
Improve your home for less. This $500 Home Depot gift card recently sold for $8.72.
Sometimes DealDash offers gift cards combined with free bids. This 500 bids + $500 Amazon.com gift card auction sold for $12.26.amazon giftacrd
Need to buy new tools, appliances, clothes, stereo system, TV? This $500 Sears Gift Card sold for $15.76 – 1,576 bids by everyone = one great deal for the winner.
searsPrices at the pump are the lowest they’ve been in years, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t save even more money on gas. Check out this $250 ExxonMobil gift card – it sold for $2.18 – 218 bids and survivorman1 didn’t have to pay the end price of $2.18 just the bids placed.
exxon mobil
All of these high-dollar gift cards are one gift card per user. So you can win a gas gift card, a Home Depot card, a Wal-Mart card, etc. just one to each retailer of the same value.
100 tgi fridaysDon’t worry about what’s for dinner at least for a few nights a week with deals on TGI Friday’s gift cards. This one was worth $100 and sold for $0.32.
How can I win gift cards like these?
1. All you have to do is watch DealDash for gift card deals and set an alert on your phone so you know when the one you want will be ending.
2. Buy bids. – Buy bids when there are bid sales and save!
3. Bid – to bid you just click the bid button, or use the bid buddy. Read how to use bid buddy in this guide.
4. If you don’t win, use buy it now – you pay the gift card value and get your bids back.
5. Start with beginner auctions since this will help you learn the bidding process.
Good luck + save money!