10 Deals That Beat Any Dollar Store

Forget the dollar store, check out these recent deals won by DealDash users this week!
All items were sold with ending bid prices of under $1!

1. Medal Sports 2-Player Basketball Game Set with 8-in-1 Game sold for $0.76! It has a buy it now price of $73! Try to find this at a dollar store that cheap, you won’t be able to beat these DealDash deals.

 basketball game
2. Pink is the new black! Especially for a tool set! This The Original Pink Box 30-piece Pink Tool set is filled with fashionable tools. The buy it now price is $45 and it sold for as little as $0.75!
pink tool box
3. Get you shopping fix on with a $25 Aeropostale gift card. It sold for just $0.23!aero gift card
4. Or how about a $25 gift card to American Eagle for $0.72? american eagle gift card
5. It’s winter and eventhough your heat is on it’s still cold in your home or office, right? How would you like an infrared space heater worth $73 for under $1? It sold for $0.87 this week on DealDash. space heater-deals
6. Windows are shut and heat is on during the winter, this means allergens can build up in your home. Cleanse your air with an HB True Allergen-Reducing Air cleaner – it sold for $0.57 and you can buy it now for $74! But wouldn’t you love to breathe clean air and for under a dollar?hb-true-allergen-filter
7. Brew up a cup of joe in the morning with the Keurig Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning blend coffee. These 18 k-cups sold for just $0.02! How’s that for 18 cups of coffee!? Try to beat that at Caribou, you’ll be paying $20+!
8. What’s for dinner? Stop asking that – set it and forget it! Get a soup or roast recipe, prep it and put all the ingredients in a slow cooker – by the end of the day it will be ready for you! How about a Crock-Pot slow cooker for $0.88!? Great deal!
slow cooker-deals
9. How about 5 meals + drinks for $0.85!? Yeah! That’s how much this $100 T.G.I Friday’s Gift Card sold for on DealDash!
10. This Hamilton Beach Steak Lover’s Indoor Grill has a buy it now price/value of $74! It sold for $0.31 – just 31 bids, try finding that at a dollar store. You won’t be able to. hamilton beach 2
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