3 Totally Groovy Lights on DealDash!

Looking for fun new lighting sources for your home, office or dorm room? Check out these three items that you can bid on at DealDash and save money!
1. Lava Lamp – This 14.5-inch Purple Metallic Lava Lamp recently sold for $6.98 on DealDash. Lava Lamps are by far the most classic-grooviest lamp. And lava lamps never go out of style.

This Metallic Lava Lamp has an electroplated, metallic base and cap which provides an ultra-shiny finish. Perfect for your home, dorm room or office. A 25-watt bulb is included.

lava lamp
2. Groovy – but more stone age than space age, this Himalayan Natural Hand Carved Salt Lamp is said to bring balance and purification to your home by emitting negative ions and reducing stress. It sits on a wooden neem base and comes with a 15-watt light bulb, on/off switch and 6-ft electrical cord. This one recently sold for $0.66 on DealDash.
deals-himalayan-salt-crystal3. Firefly Deals
So you may have seen the salt lamp and the lava lamp before, but have you ever heard of Firefly?
firefly laser lamp
Firefly is a super cool LDH laser lamp. It uses laser dodecahedron technology to illuminate any space with numerous sparkling light sources.  Launched and funded (over $500k was raised) on KickStarter. Check this out!
“This 21st Century lighting concept challenges the methods of our traditional lighting fixtures. Why use a point sourced light that consumes more power? Traditional night lights use upwards of 7-10 watts of energy while the Firefly uses less than 1 watt! The difference is truly incredible and we are confident you will agree. We have designed Firefly using the highest quality materials and it is built to last.
 Firefly is designed to Last
-70g of casted zinc heat spreader
-12g of casted high copper brass heat sink 
-proprietary pin punch design
-All glass optics, even lasers in a DVD player do not use glass optics.
-my proprietary blue laser
-Level 4 Efficient Solid state AC/DC adapter  (no heavy door stop, no hot low efficient chunks of metal)” Take Firefly with you camping, use it as a nightlight, illuminate hallways, etc. It’s powered by blue lasers and it looks super cool!
Learn more about Firefly on KickStarter – sign up to find out when one becomes available on DealDash – Firefly laser lighting deals!