Gas Prices Getting Your Down? Tips to Save Money at the Pump!

While right now gas prices seem to be lower than they were this summer, the national average according to AAA is at $3.395 per gallon. What if you could buy $50 in gas for even less than the price of one gallon? Did you know that you really could if you bid on gas gift cards on a penny auction site? This $50 EXXON Mobil Gift Card sold for just $0.08 to winning bidder marstan1.
Say Marstan1 has a Honda Civic that has a fuel tank holding about 13 gallons of gas. Instead of paying $50.07 to fill tank he only has to pay the final end price on this auction he won on DealDash ($0.08) + 2 bids, say the bids only cost him $0.17 each as they are right now due to a current promotion. So, he placed 2 bids to win at say $0.17 = $0.32 + $0.08= $0.40. 40 CENTS for an ENTIRE tank of gas?!? No it’s not unheard of it’s just DealDash! Penny auctions are the only way (aside from actually winning prizes or getting a gift) to get stuff -especially gas this UBER cheap!!! Of course, you will not always win when you bid and you surely won’t always win gift cards for this cheap, but this is proof that it can and has been done before. gift card for gas cheap
Anything is possible- gas doesn’t have to be that expensive when you focus on winning gas gift cards.
Think that’s an amazing deal? It is, but it gets even better!
DealDash recently sold a Chevron gas gift card with a $500 value for just $1.60 that’s right, only 160 bids were placed by all bidders! The winning bidder probably spent less than 1/5 of all bids – so say she placed 32 bids at $0.17 each = $5.44 +$1.60= $7.04 to get $500 in gas!

Let’s say her car holds 13 gallons of gas she would be able to fill it 10x for less than 2 gallons! Incredible deal!
gas chevron
Think it’s just Chevron and EXXON Mobil that you can get a deal on? Think again. Look at this steal of a deal that absoluteplumb won on DealDash for a $100 BP gas gift card. $0.18! And just a few bids? probably less than 5?! Insane.
Don’t cry about gas prices again when you can win gift cards to all the top gas station chains for so much less on DealDash. Remember, if you don’t win for some reason you can just use buy it now, get the gas card for cost and get all of the bids you placed back! You can go on to win the same card again in a later auction and still won’t be out money because you can use gas. Like absoluteplumb states in his/her status on DealDash “Is this a need or a want!!! I need this!”  Of course – if you drive, or even if you don’t and need ice, or snacks! You need to save money on these gas gift cards. Check it out and save when you win! Deals