What’s Going On This Week At DealDash?

My favorite sale! The one that gives back.  All this week at DealDash they will be featuring a Free Bid Multiplier Sale!  What this means is for every bid you place at DealDash they will give you free  bids back.  This week the multiplier is 2X.  Your Free Bid Meter is on the lower right hand side of the page and there is one gauge, and one bank, when the bank fills it turns dark blue, click on it and the free bids are deposited into your account immediately!

There is a lot you can do with a 2X multiplier.  First, save money! While you are spending and bidding at DealDash, they are giving back twice as fast as usual!  This is truly the best way to pile up those free bids.  Bids will be on sale all week too, ranging from .12 to .15 cents depending on the day, so check back daily and stock up on bids when they are .12 cents (pssst, it’s Friday;)

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When there is a multiplier, it’s a good time to go for the big prize you have been wishing for because you are getting rewarded twice as fast.  There is one glitch and that is people who don’t get it and come in and pounce a bid in after every bidder.  If you are in it for the multiplier, I suggest you get out as soon as possible, don’t go away, just watch and when that person leaves jump back in because his activity is not sustainable.  They will soon be out of bids.  One little trick I do is put in 6 bids, that’s my magic number, if there is a lazy stomper, you could get very lucky, I won a $1300.00 prize recently for .37 cents because someone was a lazy stomper.  By lazy stomper, I mean, they try to bid every other bid, but they make a mistake, they forget, space out, brain fart, whatever you want to call it, but they missed it and you just won!  I wouldn’t put many bids in if you are in it for the multiplier, but it won’t hurt to lose a few to this crazy bidder. 

When you are on a budget it’s always a good idea to shop at DealDash during the multiplier sale, free bids are your friend!

I’ll see you this week during the “Winter Savings Sale” ! 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!