Everyone Can Get Free Bids Every Week at DealDash!

If you’ve tried DealDash, you love it, but like everyone, you have run out of bids before you won the auction.  This can be devastating if it’s your last bids and you watch the clock wind down, 3..2..1 lost, out of bids.

There are a few ways to get yourself loaded up with free bids from DealDash and that’s Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  When you win anything at DealDash, take a photo of yourself holding the item.  Don’t leave the it in the box, it’s against the guidelines for free bids.  Snap the photo! Then, you will need to make a Pinterest Board for your DealDash wins and call it “Deals at DealDash” there you will keep a running album of your wins and you can see at any time how many free bids you got from DealDash. You do also need a Facebook and twitter account.  

Deal Dash is the only site, that I know of, that will reward you for a prize under 200 dollars with 50 free bids for an item on Pinterest and 50 for a tweet.  Then you can get another 50 bids for posting to Facebook.  If your item is valued over $200.00 you qualify for 200 Free Bids from Facebook, and 50 each twitter and Pinterest.  So here is the greatest part of this, if you won your item for less than 200 bids and then you get 200 free bids for posting you photo, you will actually be bidding for free!  DealDash is the best site for rewards.

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In addition to the 50 to 200 bids for posting on those there sites, once you submit a photo over $200 you are automatically entered into the weekly drawing for 1000 free bids.  Yes! 1000 bids goes to the best photo of the week, so make your photo count.  Smile, and  make sure you have good lighting, and try not to use the flash.  The only way to be entered in the 1000 bids a week contest is by posting a photo, so click away!

Some sites only reward for one photo, some sites reward a few bids,  and then there are the sites who only let you post one win a month.  There is also a site out there that has everyone post and only a lucky few get the bids. DealDash makes it worth your while, everyone’s while! DealDash not only gives free bids, they genuinely want you to win.  If we are winning, they win.  

Check out the DealDash Facebook page, see other photos and you’ll get an idea how to pose and get the best photos, check out past winners, you’ll see a common thread, they are all clear photos, bright and smiling faces, you can do that for some free bids!  I enjoy seeing the winners and their items.  Post and win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!