Exchanging Wins For Free Bids on DealDash

When shopping on DealDash.com have you ever exchanged your winning auction for free bids instead? You might wonder why anyone would want to do that.

When I was a Newbie on DealDash, I used to only bid on auction products I really wanted to win. Therefore, I never exchanged my wins for free bids. Now that I have more experience, however, I gained a new perspective.

Now I can see some real advantages to exchanging some wins for free bids.

Advantages of Selecting Free Bids

If we decide ahead of time to exchange some wins for free bids, it gives us more bidding options. Before, I only bid for the right size rings that would fit me or the right size jacket I could wear. Not anymore. Why? Two reasons:

  1. If I decide ahead of time that I will exchange my win for free bids, it no longer matters if it fits me or not. Size no longer matters. All that matters is that I find auctions that are easy to win, regardless of size.
  2. That also means that it does not matter if the products I bid on are for a male or female. If I decide to exchange my win for free bids, all I care about is finding auctions with the least competition.

When I no longer care about finding the right size or a specific auction product I could wear or use, it becomes a lot easier to win more auctions. I hate to give away all my winning secrets, but I tried this out and it worked for me. Perhaps it will work for you, too.

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