Tips to Start the Week on DealDash


Let’s start out your week right with DealDash Tips. Here are some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re bidding this week.

Starting the week off right on DealDash is an important thing – it can set the pace for the whole week. You will want to start bidding early and often to get a quick win so you can gain confidence in yourself as a bidder. You don’t want to start off your week bidding on DealDash on a bad note. Here are some tips that you’ll want to use to get your week started out right!

Start Out Small at the Beginning of the Week

As I mentioned above, it’s important to get your week started off right with a quick win. So this is why I suggest that you pick something small at the beginning of the week and get a quick win. If you can find an item that doesn’t have too much competition, then it would be worthwhile bidding on it to not only get a confidence boost but to get the ball rolling for lots of wins this week. You might try a piece of jewelry, a small bid pack, or a $10 gift card. These are items that don’t typically have tons of competition, and if you can find one that only has a few people bidding then you should go ahead and jump right in for a win.

If You Don’t Want the Item…

I just suggested bidding on something small in the beginning of the week. If you see an item that you’re pretty sure that you can win easily but it’s not something that you’re really that interested in, why not bid on it anyway? If you get it for a great price, then you might consider exchanging it for bids.

Personally, I don’t typically exchange things for bids if they aren’t my “cup of tea” because I have a box that I collect things in all year round to use as gifts. If I can get something for an awesome deal on DealDash that isn’t my taste or size then I get it anyway and keep it in the box. I can use it for holidays and birthdays throughout the year for friends, relatives, neighbors, and even gifts for my kid’s teachers.

Thanks for Reading

Bidding and winning on DealDash in the beginning of the week is important to get your winning streak going and to boost your confidence. Try to get a win in early in the week, and watch yourself get more wins as your confidence and experience grows.

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