Tips for Choosing the Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers for Less

We’re just two days away from the what is either the most loved “love” holiday, or the most dreaded day by singles who feel bad about being single and having others wonder whether or not they have Valentine’s Day plans. It can be a fun holiday for couples who celebrate the day centered around hearts, pink teddy bears and cupids. Really, all of the material items can be pretty excessive, not to mention sweet and evil at the same time as the packaged chocolate gifts can derail his or her New Year’s Resolution plans, so what is the least you can you do to make this Valentine’s Day fun, stress free and romantic?
If you’re a guy you should really buy your lady flowers for Valentine’s Day. If you spend time with her and she’s the least bit of a romantic (and even if she’s not) you should still buy her flowers!
Tips for choosing the perfect bouquet of fresh flowers for your Valentine.
1. Red Roses: Yea, or nay? Don’t be cliche – not every girl likes red roses. Perhaps mix it up a bit and present her with a bouquet of fresh exotic flowers or colorful roses, even better buy her these rainbow roses. 
The story is  a Dutch florist cultivated a kind of multicolored roses, also know as rainbow or happy roses. They’re produced with a combination of dyes and the process is still a bit of a mystery, so they’re pretty pricey. They run about $36 for one stem, twice the cost of 12 red roses. rosesIf your Valentine loves red roses, be sure to get her/him a dozen (or twelve) after all they’re pretty cheap at ALDI Stores this week. $12.99 for a dozen of long stem roses in assorted colors on sale starting today (Feb 12).
An assorted bouquet is only $3.99. So if you’re on a budget, you really can still make flowers a doable gift!
Just make sure when you pick a bouquet you think your Valentine will like make sure it’s fresh and no signs of wilting. It’s also better to purchase roses that haven’t fully bloomed yet, that way they’ll last longer.
Are you planning to get your Valentine flowers this year?
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