DD Secrets: Sale Weekend at Deal Dash

This weekend at DealDash they bring us so many opportunities to win prizes!  The reason being, they are giving away bids at amazing rates, DealDash is having  a Bid Multiplier Blow Out!

When America is “busy” DealDash listens.  It is always around a major holiday that you can find the BEST deals at DealDash, and this weekend is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s Mother’s Day and DD wants us to stop by!  If you have an app you can bid on the run, I’ve used the App. and it’s so much fun to pick up your phone and see the fireworks exploding on the screen!

DealDash is having a major Bid Multiplier sale this weekend,  on Friday and Saturday you will earn 3X the free bids, much more that DealDash already gives us.  Then on Sunday, Mother’s Day, they are giving us 5X the free bids.  Even though I’m a Mom, I will have my App. nearby, after all my adult children will have their phones, why can’t I?  haha #bestmothersdayever!  haha.  I love being a mom, but I love DD too!

That isn’t the only gift they are giving Mom’s this weekend, bids will be only .12 and .13 cents.  all day Friday they are .13 cents and on Sat. and Sun. only .12 cents!!

Now, if none of this is enough to get you over to DealDash, how about 50% off wins on Friday and Sat. and then FREE WINS on Sunday!  I love 5X multiplier and FREE WINS plus FREE SHIPPING! Thanks DealDash, you really know how to love your customers on Mother’s Day!!

Let’s Recap

Fri. .13 cent bids, 3X bid multiplier, 50% off wins

Sat. .12 cent bids, 3X multiplier, 50% off wins

Sunday, Mother’s Day .12 cent bids, 5X bid multiplier, and FREE WINS!

Remember, every item from DealDash is delivered FREE.  This is an amazing sale this weekend, and I will beat you there…oooops, I mean I will see you there ! Haha.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!