The Best Sale of the Year! DealDash's Black Friday Sale Sneak Peek!

Happy Thanksgiving DealDash bidders!
Give thanks and get ready!

Get ready for the very BEST sale of the year.
Now that you’ve had your fill of delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pies it’s time to SHOP til you drop! We’ve got the exclusive sneak peek on the biggest sale of the year on
You won’t want to miss a sale this big!  Here’s a sneak peek into DealDash’s Black Friday Sale!
Bids will be the cheapest they’ve been in 2014 at as low as $0.12 a piece!
All auction wins will be FREE!
There will be TWICE as many auctions! Way more auctions than usual = more chances of winning.
PLUS – Get FREE BIDS seven times faster, faster than ever before when the “Your time as highest bidder meter” fills up seven times faster in this sale! That means all you have to do is be the highest bidder on any auction and your time as highest bidder meter will bill up 7x as fast = more free bids for you to bid and win more!
The sale will start as soon as Black Friday hits – 11/28/2014. Get ready for it! Get your bids purchased and stock up!
You won’t even have to bundle up, brave the cold and crowds to get amazing deals on everything you want for Christmas gifts this year!
There will be more Kindles, iPads, Dysons, Nespresso coffee makers, Keurigs, Tablets, Android powered phones, iPhones, iPods, laptop computers, dSLR, HDTVs, surround sound systems, wireless speakers, BEATS headphones, gift cards and so much more!
Click Here to get ready to bid and win on!
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