DealDash Tips for Buying Bids

screenshot-7If you’ve been waiting around for a great sale on bids on DealDash, then you’ll want to read on, because I have some information that you’re going to want to read.

Here it is, the middle of December, and you are ready to finally bite the bullet and jump in a DealDash auction for that new TV, laptop, or tablet that you think would make a perfect gift for your friend or family member. But wait! You only have a few hundred bids in your account; that’s just not going to cut it for a high-end electronic device that 50 other bidders are interested in winning. If you’re ready to “go all the way” and bid up to the BIN (Buy It Now) limit, then you’re going to need to buy some bids.

How many bids will you need to buy? Well, it’s up to you, of course, but a great thing to do when deciding how many bids to purchase is to do a little research on your product of choice. Click on the DealDash auction that you are interested in, and look to the left of the screen. Under the picture of the item will be a box that includes information about the previous auctions for the same item. The box will include the date of the previous auction, the amount that the item sold for, and the winning bidder. With this information in hand, you can get a rough estimate of how many bids you might need to spend to become the winning bidder or to BIN the item.

For example, if you are planning on entering a DealDash auction for a tablet, and you open up the auction’s page and see that it usually goes for around $25 at auction, and has a $300 BIN price, then you will need to do a few calculations. How many bids you will need to reach the BIN price depends on the price of bids that day. Say the bids are currently selling for .14 – You just need to take $300, divide it by .14, and you have your answer – 2142 bids! However, you will want to monitor this auction as it gets closer to the ending if this is a regular auction, because if you end up winning, then you will still have to pay the final auction price.

If you aren’t going to be able to watch the end of the auction, you might want to consider that if the average tablet auction is ending at $25, then you might only want to put in $275 worth of bids, which would be 1964 bids. If this is during a special promotion such as a “Free Auction Weekend,” then this doesn’t apply, of course.

I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article helpful. Remember, buy your bids in advance, so you get the best possible price instead of waiting until the last minute and having to pay whatever the bid price happens to be that particular day. Go check out the auctions on DealDash. Good luck and happy bidding, everyone!

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