DealDash Tips: Think Before You Leap


Have you been “thinking before you leap” when it comes to DealDash auctions? Read on for more information.

Yes, “looking” before you leap is important – but “thinking” before you leap is essential. Using DealDash is an exercise for your brain, and you need to make sure that you do it. Thinking before you leap on DealDash is important for many different reasons. Here are some tips to get you thinking on DealDash.

Think About Buying Bids – Before You Do It!

Bids are money, literally! You can buy bids on DealDash for between .12-.60, so you want to plan ahead before you buy. There are many articles here on the DealDash Tips Blog that you can read and learn how to conserve your bids. Be sure to explore the blog when you have time to read some tips to help you save your bids and use them wisely. Learning about DealDash will serve you well when you are participating in auctions.

BidBuddy, Your Best Bid Saver

A great way to think before you leap is to use the BidBuddy. If you see an auction that you really want to join but you want to do a little reseach before you make your decision, no problem. Just load up your BidBuddy with 10, 20, 30 bids so you can get some research done. This method works in two different ways – first, you won’t be locked out of the bidding if the auction reaches the $5 No Jumper limit, and second, the auction could end early. If you have loaded up your BidBuddy while you do some research and the auction ends early, you’ll win! Talk about a win-win situation!

Collect Free Bids Every Day

What better way to think before you leap than by getting FREE bids. DealDash has many opportunities for you to win and earn free bids. Simply sign in to DealDash every single day and they will give you free bids. You’ll need to bid on DealDash for 7 consecutive days to get the maximum amount of free bids. The free bids range from 5 to 30. The more days in a row that you come bid the more free bids you will earn. Use your brain, think before you leap, and collect your free DealDash bids every day.

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