DealDash Tips: Clearance Sale For Leap Year

2016 is a Leap Year and at DealDash that’s a reason to celebrate!  This weekend DealDash is their having an End Of Month Clearance Sale and this February has one very special day, it’s Leap Day! Monday February 29, 2016.

Planning your weekend bidding at DealDash this week will be particularly easy when bids will be .12-.13 cents, that’s a great time to stock up on bids for that special something you’ve been wanting to go for.  If you buy bids when the price is down it’s like getting a bonus on the regular great deals you can find at  DealDash.


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In addition to the low priced bids, The End Of Month Clearance will have 25 auctions start at 2PM on Friday, 2/26. On Sat. 2/27, 50 auctions will start at 2PM and on Sunday, 2/28 75 auctions will start at 2PM!!!  DealDash never lacks for auctions, new ones start every few minutes, but when they do this bundling of items it’s fun to jump into the frenzy and try to win an auction for only a few pennies.  The more auctions starting at once, the greater your chances are to win, and winning is awesome!

So, you have .12 & .13 cent bids plus multiple auctions at once and then on Monday 29, LEAP DAY, DealDash is offering .12 cent bids, 4X bid multiplier for free bids and FREE WINS!! Yes, that’s good news for us because you buy some bids and in return you get free bids for playing and then when you win, the final price is ZERO! You pay a one penny transaction fee, that’s surely fair to establish a paper trail for your new item. So no matter what the final price is DealDash picks up the tab and you get it for free! Who does that? Only DealDash!

So hop on over to DealDash for this great Leap Year Sale!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!