DealDash Top Tip Weekly Round-Up for 1/19


Welcome to today’s DealDash Weekly Top Tip Round-Up for 1/19. Per usual, we’ll round-up some of the top tips for you from last week. Read on for more information from us at DealDash Tips.

Welcome to the latest and greatest edition of the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up series. All of the bloggers here at the DealDash Tips Blog enjoy sharing our best tips with you. In this series, we highlight the most helpful tips from the previous week. We love to share our knowledge with all of the new (and not so new) DealDash bidders. Read on for a recap of the best tips from last week, from the DealDash Tips Blog.

Sharing DealDash Tips from the January 13th Blog

The theme of January 10th’s blog was regarding tips that you should be sharing with friends and family members who also use DealDash. The top tip of that blog was to be sure that you get a few bids in before the auction reaches the $5 No Jumper limit. The advice from that blog included using the BidBuddy:

“If the auction is starting at a strange time, but you anticipate it being a very long auction, then just set the BidBuddy with a few bids so you can be sure that you get in before the No Jumper $5 limit, and check out the auction’s progress when you wake up.”

If you’d like to read that blog in its entirety, just click this link right here and you can check it out.

$3 No Jumper Limit from January 14th’s Blog

January 14th’s blog was all about DealDash special promotions and features. The top tip of that blog was explaining how the $3 No Jumper promotion works. Barbar wrote:

“No new bidders are allowed to participate in any auction after the closing cost reaches $3 or more. This feature makes it easier to win by limiting the number of bidders allowed to participate in the auction.”

Choose the Best Auction from the January 15th Blog

The blog on January 15th was about how to win a gaming PC from DealDash. There were a few good tips in there, but the tip to remember from that blog was to choose the best starting day/time for your schedule when you have selected the gaming PC that you want. From that blog:

“Once you have figured out exactly which gaming PC that you would like to win then choose the day and time that works best with your schedule.”

 All About Badges from the January 16th Blog

There was a lot of information about DealDash badges in the January 16th blog. The thing that you need to know from that blog is that there is currently a special badge promotion going on right now, until January 21st. From the blog:

“This week’s promotion, entitled Winter Bidding Frenzy gives you an amazing and unprecedented pricing of just 11 cents per bid when you place 1,000 bids between 1/15 and 1/21! ”

Don’t waste any time, you can still participate in this DealDash badge challenge! It’s not too late.

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