DealDash Tips: Take Advantage of Late Nights for Deals

Early this morning, or late Friday night bidders got some really good deals! If you can’t sleep or you’re naturally a night owl, bidding late at night just may be a great way to win awesome items on DealDash.
One DealDash’s bidding tip that we’d like to impart to you echoes this:

 “What i have learned is bidding early in the morning or late at night has better odds of winning— the competition is not as fierce.”-Barbara.
Check out a sampling of these great deals that were won by bidders lastnight!
-A Poulan 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw valued at $87 sold on DealDash for $0.43!
dealdsah deals
A Primo Water Tabletop Ceramic Dispenser $44 value sold for $0.67!
deals dealdash
A Craftsman C3 Drill/Driver Kit with Lithiun Ion Battery valued at $86 sold at auction on DealDash’s entertainment auctions this morning for only $2.24!
deals craftsman
A $100 Gift Card was won for just $7.62!
ended auction deals 82
This Alera EQ Series Ergonomic High Back Mesh Aluminum office chair is valued at $584 and sold late lastnight – early this morning for $52.08 – it is a one per user auction so once you win you cannot win it again.alera

+6 Tips for Bidding Better on DealDash!

1. Like I just said – bid early! All of the above deals were had early at wee hours of the night.

Auctions run all night/day so be sure to catch one when there may be less competition/traffic.

2.  Only bid on the items on DealDash that you need or want

Bid on items that you either really want or need and would go to the store and buy anyway because you can always use buy it now.

3.  Use buy it now!

If you spent a lot of $ on bids and haven’t won, buy it now using the buy now button on the auction page and get all of the bids you placed back into you account.

4. Pay Attention

In the middle of the night, especially, you could get tired and end up missing out on an easy/great deal. Be sure you are focused. Get a coffee/energy drink or favorite drink & snack to stay awake!

5. Use the Bid Buddy!

The Bid Buddy is really your buddy! You can save bids and money. Just don’t chance it by leaving your reaction time to chance (you really could miss out and let another bidder win if you didn’t click bid fast enough and the timer hits 1-0- ended.

6. Keep Track of Win Limits

It’s easy to keep track of your win limits by watching the win limit bar for your profile once you are logged into your account. Just be sure you plan accordingly and only go for items you want and need because you can only win so many each week!
Do you have any DealDash tips to share with us? Are you an early bird bidder?