How You Can Tell If Someone is At Their Win Limit on DealDash

Are you wondering how to see when someone is at their win limit on
To make sure that a handful of bidders don’t dominate the auctions on DealDash and win everything (though it’s not always easy to do this some do try to on some sites) DealDash has a win limit system instituted.
Win Limits 
All bidders can win 6 products worth $200 or less per week. Bidders may also only win 3 products worth more than $200 each week. All win limits will be reset on Saturday at 00:01 am. 
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It’s really easy to see how many wins a bidder has left. All you have to do is look at the auction page where they are bidding and it will show the winning limit status below the highest bidder’s username. For example, see jamworthy on this iMac computer auction? It shows winning limit status to be 1/3. So they’ve won 1 item over $200 already this week and can win one more.
Item Limits:
Some items, usually ones that are higher valued like this Apple 21.5 inch desktop iMac valued at $1,200 – only one can be one per user. 

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As you can see, on the items valued at over $200 it shows the win limits each bidder is at for that tier of items.
On the other hand, an item like this Neu Home 4-tier storage shelf valued at under $200; with a buy it now price of $59, all users that bid on it will have their win limits in the >$200 shown. So bidder 2plus2 that is currently the highest bidder on this item has so far won 3 items this week (starting today) within their 6 items under $200 wins.
neu homeSo again, all win limits are reset each week, reset on Saturday at 00:01.
After you win all 9 of your items each week you are out and cannot win any other items until the following Saturday at 12:01 am.
You can also see the win limits of all winners in the won auctions page: