What’s the Best Time to Bid on DealDash?

Bid during the Best of Times

When shopping on DealDash.com, do you play during the best of times and the worst of times or do you only play during the best of times?  Now what do I mean by that?

If we watch, track it and keep records, we can figure out what days and what times of the day we are most likely to win great deals.


I discovered that holidays might be one of the best times to shop on DealDash. Why?  What do most people do on the Fourth of July? Many families get together, enjoy a barbecue and then go out together to watch a good fireworks display. Therefore, that usually means fewer shoppers are playing on DealDash because they are away from their computers and mobile devices. That is why it might be easier to win. The less competition we have, the better.

We have many other holidays that might also be good times to play on DealDash, too.

Early Morning Bidding

Now that I am retired, I usually sleep in and seldom get up early. However, I woke up early one morning, decided to place some bids on DealDash and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it appeared to be an extra good time to shop and win. Why?

I can think of two reasons: First, retirees who don’t have to get up for work the next day might often choose to stay up late at night and then sleep in early in the morning. Shoppers who have jobs most likely do not have time to shop early in the morning because they are too busy getting ready to go to work.

Late Night Bidding

Most people who have to get up early to go to work might go to bed early so they can wake up bright and early the next day. Senior citizens who are retired, however, do not have to get up early, so we are more inclined to bid late at night. It is important, however, for us to remember to take into account Daylight Savings Time.

If we are living on the West Coast, however, we must plan ahead so we know what time it is on the East Coast. Sometimes late-night bidding has worked out very well for me. Other times, I have fallen asleep while sitting at my computer. If we can stay awake beyond most people’s bedtime hours, we can win more auctions.




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