DealDash Tips: One Auction at a Time

As a long-time customer on DealDash, I highly recommend that players focus on only one auction at a time. Why?

Some advantages to focusing on only one auction at a time are:

  • You are more likely to have enough bids to win the auction. If you bid on more than one auction at a time, you are more likely to run out of bids before you win any of them.
  • It is easier to pay attention to only one auction at a time
  • The BIN (Buy-It-Now) option works more to your advantage when you only bid in one auction at a time. For example, if you place 300 bids on a $25 gift card and fail to win the auction, you can buy the gift card for $25 and get all 300 bids back to use in another auction. However, if you place 100 bids on three different $25 gift cards and you do not win any of them, you would have to buy all three cards for a total of $75 to get all your bids back. Which would you rather do—buy only one gift card to get all your bids back or buy three cards to get all your bids back?
  • It is a courteous gesture to other players who would like to have a chance to win an auction, too. It is very discouraging when the same power players I want to avoid are bidding in all of the auctions I open. In fact, I would like to see a limit placed on how many auctions each player could participate in at the same time.

I’ve always had a better chance of winning whenever I focused on only one auction at a time.




Submitted by:  Barbara L. Sellers