Saving Bids the DealDash Way


Loving DealDash means that you want to bid every day. It’s important to think about your budget and conserve bids. Here are some tips from Dealdash

Let’s be real here – sometimes I spend way too much on DealDash, and my husband tells me that it’s time to cut back a little bit. Well, easier said than done, I just have so much fun on DealDash that cutting back isn’t really my plan. My plan is better than not bidding, my plan is to conserve my bids whenever and wherever possible. Here are some of my best tips, tricks, and ideas to save money and bids while still having fun bidding on DealDash.

Bid on Things that You Would Buy Anyway

By bidding on things that you would purchase anyway you can take the guesswork out of bidding. You don’t have to worry if someone is outbidding you, stomping on your bids, or if they are just being ridiculous. You know that you’re safe with your Buy It Now (BIN) safety net. When you are mentally prepared to purchase anything that you are bidding on, then all of your worries can slip away. After all, when you pay for your item you’ll receive all of your bids back that you spent.

Purchase Bids on Sale

You definitely need to keep an eye on the bid prices.  When you see that DealDash is offering a special sale on bids such as .14, .13, or even .12 it’s time to stock up. Typically you only see .12 bids on a holiday, but when you see them, stock up! When you buy bid packs with lower priced bids you get many more bids for your money. This is a great way to get more for your money on DealDash.

Bid Small, Win Big

Search around on DealDash, and see if there are any auctions coming up for items that you think that no one else will be interested in. Maybe it’s an item that has already been up a few times that day. Or perhaps it’s an item that typically goes for a low amount. Throw some bids on there. Give it a try. You might get a big win!

Thanks for Reading

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Do you have bids to spend? Go check DealDash for items you would buy anyway and don’t be scared to BIN them! DealDash has all of the items that you need. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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