DealDash: Tips for Bidding Big

Everyday there are people on DealDash who you might want to “stay away from” but who knows who they are?  Well, you will get to know them over time, but in the meantime you could make an “un”-educated guess.  Here are a few things to look for to do that.

You’ve been in this auction for a couple hundred bids, and suddenly you realize you might not beat them, this is the first of your gut feelings that you should walk away, at least until later.  Often on big ticket items there are people who have planned on winning this for some time, they’ve done their homework, bookmarked the item and showed up on time.  This is the sure sign of a motivated player.  Secondly, this could be you so pay attention, that’s some of the best advice, it’s when you aren’t paying attention that you could make a fatal mistake.

Third, come prepared, if you are going to win an item worth more than $500, show up with some bids, the chances of winning a high ticket item with just 50 bids, although it does happen, are slim.  Just decide to buy the bids, it’s that simple, I used to buy 200 at a time, I’ve found it’s much better to have 2000 bids in your account, you’ll win more  because you aren’t tentative about bidding.  You go for it and win. This will backfire if you “spread yourself too thin”.  By doing that you have placed bids in several to many auction, you aren’t really paying attention to any of them, just don’t do that, by spreading yourself too thin you will go through your bids and unless you are a very experienced bidder, you could lose. If you only have 200 bids, just stay true to one auction, come and go if you have to, but pay attention and learn from the experience.

There are those players who just won’t lose, these are the ones you want to stay away from.  Get to know them as soon as possible. Bid and stay active in your auction.  Again, if you’re bidding in too many auctions at once you will not only learn nothing, you will go through your bids far too fast.  The next best advice I can give you is this, it’s simple and I’ve found it to be very valuable….don’t bid on bids.  If you do, don’t waste more than 25 bids, if you don’t win it right away, back away!  Some players are extremely hard core about winning bids, I used to be addicted to winning bids and found I always had bids, but not prizes, now I have prizes, a lot of them!

Don’t get discouraged, DealDash is actually a really, really easy format to win prizes, I have won well over 600, and you can too!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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