DealDash Pressure Washers Compared

When I realized I was going to need a pressure washer to clean my deck, the first place I thought go to find one was DealDash!  I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a wide variety of pressure washers and then I realized I had to sort through all the options.

When I started to research the different models and features, I realized there are a number of variables so I decided to make a comparison to know which one to go for.  It makes no sense getting into a battle for an item that won’t do what I need. Here are my results listed with  least-to-most options available.

Karcher K2.26 M + T50 Electric Pressure Washer -$202, 1600 PSI, 1.25 Gallon Per Minute (GPM) 30 times the pressure of a garden hose, 4 attachments including soft bristle brush. Perfect to clean the deck or driveway, lightweight.

pw karcher k 2.2 202
Karcher K2 2.26

Karcher K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer -$209, 1800PSI, 60HZ, 120 volt, 1.3 GPM, 35 times the pressure of a garden hose, 4 wheels (like a canister vacuum), 1 year Warranty. Ideal for cleaning driveways, cars patio furniture and cleaning projects. Up to 104 degrees.

pw karcher k3 209
Karcher K3 Follow Me Electric Pressure Washer

Sun Joe Electric Power Washer  -$214, 2030 PSI, 1.76 GPM, 1800 Watts 14.5A Motor , 5 Spray Nozzles, 2 detergent tanks, 2 yr. warranty, auto shut-off. 20 ft. hose, 35 ft. electric cord. Ideal for washing homes, RVs, driveways, decks, trucks, boats

pw sun joe 214
Sun Joe2030 Electric Pressure Washer

AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer -$219, 1900 PSI, 1.51 GPM Attachable (not attached) foamer soap bottle, 2 nozzles, 60HZ, 14.Amps. cold water washer, 20 ft. hose, hose reel kit, 2 spray patterns pencil and fan, auto stop, 34 ft. power cord 1 year warranty

pw ar blue 219
AR Blue Electric Pressure Washer
pw sun joe spx3000 246
Pressure Joe 2030

Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer SPX3000-$246, 2030 PSI, 14.5 AMP, 2 detergent tanks, extension wand, 35 ft. electric cord, 2 year warranty, auto shut-off.

Karcher K 5.65 Electric Pressure Washer -$288, 2000 PSI, 1.4 GPM, 40 times the pressure of a garden hose, non-corrosive N-Cor Pump, attached detergent tank. High-End Performance perfect for high demand projects.

pw karcher k5.65 288
Karcher K 5.65 Electric Pressure Washer

StreetRod 3300 Gas Powered Pressure Washer -$812, 3300 PSI, 2.7 GPM, Quick Connect Fittings 5.5l on board detergent tank, Annovi- Reverser Triplex Pump.

pw street rod 3300 812
Street Rod 3300 Gas Powered Pressure Washer
•Designed & Assembled in Canada
•Powerplay 212cc Horizontal Engine
•Annovi-Reverberi Triplex Pump
•Maximum Performance, 3300 PSI @ 2.7 GPM
•Maximum Cleaning Units 8910
•Pro Style Gun with Quick Connect Fittings
•5 Quick Connect Spray Tips 0º, 15º, 25º 40º, Soap
•5.5L On Board Detergent Tank

This has been a learning experience for me and I’m happy to share the information with you.  I know which unit will be the best for me and my project and my budget. I’m sure this will help you too! Now I am prepared to do battle! 🙂 See you in the auction!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!