Intimidation: How to Win DealDash Auctions with Mind Games

There is no real way of knowing if you are intimidating another player, but there are some things you can do to “beat them up a little”, make the game interesting and keep the playing field guessing.  This is virtual gaming at its best!
One strategy is simply, “keep them guessing”  When you spend a good amount of time shopping at DealDash, you will notice you are not alone.  There are many, many people who enjoy the thrill of the hunt for their great bargains on a daily basis.  I try to play everyday, I always need something, and when I check, it’s usually for sale at DealDash.
To keep them guessing, don’t always be that guy who stays in until the bitter end no matter what. People know that and wait until you leave.  If the field is crowded, you will have opportunity to come and go without much worry of losing because there are a dozen or so people bidding at once, they would all have to drop off the planet to end that auction, can it happen? yes, but I’ve only seen it maybe once. So coming and going is actually a good strategy. If you back out after 100 bids because there is a new guy, let them use 100 bids, then rejoin the auction, they will be tired at that point and may leave.
Don’t start bidding on everything in site, you will never be taken seriously that way.  Bids are not limitless for most players, so if you see someone bidding heavy on every item on the site, they are losing bids and not winning because the have spread themselves too thin.  Sure, they can buy the item and get their bids back, but that defense can go drastically awry if you spend your entire budget on bids, keep in mind you have to pay for your item when you win it.
Bid on big ticket items! Don’t be afraid to be a power bidder.  You too can win the big prizes.  It helps to always be involved in big ticket items so your are noticed.  Stay true to a few items so you win them, that way other players will take you seriously.  If you are too wishy-washy about bidding you will get stomped by the newbies.  Big ticket items have big price tags, stay in your budget, the only one you intimidate by wasting money is your wallet!
It’s okay to dominate the small field too!  There are many players who never leave the comfort of the under $200 items arena, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s smart to stay in budget and you can always buy it that way (BIN).  If you choose to stay in that field, use the same strategy: keep them guessing, don’t bid on every item, and stay true to your needs.
One sure way to intimidate is to jump back into the auction long after everyone has exhausted every bid they have, this strategy is never appreciated by the other players, but it can be a way to intimidate them, just keep in mind, you will most likely miss your opportunity to win the item that way because someone who has been in the auction will probably win it before you have a chance to rejoin. Secondly, you are not alone in this strategy and an auction can “take on a second life”, as I call it, if you wait too long, this causes the price to be inflated and no one really wins that way.  The jumper is a weak strategy at best, but it is one of intimidation.
One of the greatest of intimidation factors is luck, everyone has a little luck, don’t think that just because so-and-so always wins that they are luckier than you, you will learn in time that so-and-so will leave because they spend too much and never win.  Be smart with your bids it’s the best way to win an auction.  Always, always use your Bid Buddy.
Happy Bidding!
Written by Donna, DealDash customer since 2014.