DealDash Tips: Be Nice!

There is nothing wrong with just giving a little when you are playing DealDash!  Let’s face it, we have all been there, we want someone to just back the heck out!  It’s been hours, it’s down to you and the other guy, hundreds of bids have gone by and no one is backing down…

Well, I suggest once in awhile, that should be you!  Everyone on DealDash has a personality outside of the site, and honestly, I think we would all really like each other.  So, why don’t we just be kind to each other at the time of an auction?  Why do we have to beat each other up?  The answer is, we don’t. Let’s say you know this person to be a power bidder, (in my opinion defined as someone who overbids at all costs) you’ve been in a battle for some time and now you just don’t know whether to stay or go.  I have learned to go, that person isn’t backing down and I’m going to let them win, let them get one more item towards their limit. 

You can feel good backing out of an auction. If you know there is no way this person is going to back down, why do you even want to stay?  DealDash has put into place a 9 item a week limit. So as soon as this person meets their limit, they are done!  Let them go, the sooner the better!  They will now have to wait an entire week to win an auction, that is a long time.   

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There are a number of players on DealDash who are aggressive bidders, they just have to win.  You will get to know all of these players and stay away, or you could get involved with them and burn up all your bids.  That being said, no matter what, if you stay involved for a hundred bids or so, don’t let go!  You’ve put in the time and the bids, if you have the  bids go for it!  If  you don’t have the bids, just back out and try for something you know those players aren’t going after.  There are a lot of items under 100 dollars that are fairly easy to win without getting  into a bidding war.  Do keep in mind the “unusual items” go for much longer then everyday items.  For example, two items worth about the same price; a couple of nice frying pans will end long before a HO train set, they are both worth about $160, but one is easier to win.  

You could get lucky and win the train set, but it’s more rare.  So, the answer is… go for the pans, they are in your reach.  We all want to be the power bidder, but the truth is, we can’t, we have to play within our means, and unless you have buckets of money laying around to play with, you are like the rest of us, we all have to play fair.

Playing fair transcends bidding.  If you play fair, you win more.  The stompers just don’t win as much as the guy who sets the Bid Buddy.  I have seen the stomper waste bids, lose and leave the site.  They come and go quickly.  The one’s who stay are responsible players, they use the Bid Buddy, they don’t over bid and they stay true to one auction at a time.  

So, if you learned anything today it’s 1. Let it go, you aren’t going to win and you will hate yourself in the morning. 2. Go for items that are less popular or not as desirable at the moment. 3. Play fair! Your fellow players remember that and may be the one to let it go next time.  

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.