DealDash Secrets: This Week’s Sales!

There are so many reasons to shop at DealDash, but my favorite reason is the great deals I get on bids and prizes!  Every month DealDash has a variety of sales and this month they’ve given us bid multipliers, low priced bids, free wins and 50% off wins.   I like 50% off because it’s not free, hmmmm, you say.  Well honestly, during free events many over bid, but for some reason during 50% players treat it like full price.  That means most players will NOT overbid. The luxury of that is most won’t overbid and you get it for 50% off! FAVORITE!!
Visit-Site12 (1)On my! How did I get to know all this? By playing the game and when I do, I learn.  Every bid I place I learn something, I pay attention, I listen to the stats; that means looking at the winner’s list, checking to see who is at their limit and getting out there and bidding!!! You’ve got to have bids so why not buy them on sale?! Of Course, this is the best way to save money.

This week at DealDash you can get low priced bids and 50% off!  Monday through Thursday bids are priced between .13 and .15 cents, and wins are half off, that mean that DealDash will only charge you half the final price and you will still, as always, get FREE SHIPPING.  All the while you earn free bids with your free bid meter.


If that’s not enough, they are offering a frenzy of prizes at once during this sale on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there will be an offer of multiple auctions at once! Wow, this is silly fun!  Everyone is in this to win an item for .50 cents and many do, just keep in mind after about $5 dollars it’s the same auction as any other.

Item frenzy calls for DealDash adding an abundance of prizes at one moment, the usual event is a new item every couple of minutes, but this is many items at once.

Show show up for the frenzy, if you like that kind of chaos, on Tuesday – Thursday this week at DealDash.

Let’s recap this weeks sales:

4/25/16 -Monday- bids .15 cents plus 50% off.

4/26/16- Tuesday- bids .14 cents plus 50% off and 25 items @ 2PM

4/27/16- Wednesday-bids .13 cents plus 50% off and 25 items @ 2PM

4/28/16- Thursday- bids .13 cents 50% off and 50 items @ 2PM

As usual and in everyday bidding you will get FREE SHIPPING on each and every item.

These sales are magic to my ears and fun for my soul, I will see you in the auctions!

Hey! If you want to find out where the sale info is, check the DealDash Facebook page, this is where you can find out about the deals and steals at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!