DealDash Secrets: Double Dash Week!

Everyone loves a good sale and DealDash loves giving great prices and an exceptional winning experience.  Shopping on line has become the way to shop for everyday items, but that can get a little boring.  DealDash is way more fun that just plain shopping.  When the auction is over, you could have saved 80% or more on your item.

Here is one way to get a great deal at DealDash.  On Monday April 18, 2016 during the “Cyber Monday in April Sale”  all wins are FREE!  Yes Sir!  That is correct, Free Wins and .12  cent bids!  This is a perfect time to go for the big one!  You get a bunch of extra bids for the same price and then DealDash picks up the tab on your win.  That means no matter how high the closing price is, you pay only a one penny processing fee, which mean free!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the 19, 20, 21 of April, the sale gets better, my personal favorite, the Free Bid Multiplier!  There will be a “Double Dash 2X Multiplier” of free bids gained on your bid meter.   The bid meter calculates all of your time as highest bidder, which on an average is a about 9 seconds per bid, and then it rewards players with free bids as you reach the next level.  It takes a little time to earn the bids, but thats’s the fun part of DealDash, you win by playing and you gain free bids by bidding.

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During the Double Dash Week bids will be between .12 and .15 cents, that’s a great deal all week!  Three days in a row of bid multipliers equals many, many free bids!

Let’s recap

  • Monday .12 cent bids, Cyber Monday Free Wins!
  • Tuesday .15 cent bids, 2X Multiplier
  • Wednesday .14 cent bids, 2X Multiplier
  • Thursday .13 cent bids, 2X Multiplier

Don’t miss out on this fantastic sale this week at DealDash, you could have 9 really cool prizes by the end of the week!  Who knows maybe even that amazing big win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!