DealDash: It’s Time To Talk Winning!

Ok, you have been on the DealDash site for a few months now, and you just can’t seem to win.   I am here to tell you that the mistakes you are making are the same over and over.

First, do not let someone else predict how many bids you will use on any auction.  Let’s say you have been in this auction for 200 bids and you don’t really even want this item, what is going through your mind?  Well, I can tell you from experience, you don’t want to lose.  But the reality is you just might lose.

You have to start taking into consideration the competition and other factors that envelope an auction.  The most important of these, and this takes time, is to know the competition, you will learn who will stay with an auction and who is likely to back out after only 20 bids or so.  There are many players who only bid the first 50 bids or so to win an item, you will get to know them quickly because they are in every auction and leave early, I actually love seeing these bidders and thank my lucky stars that they are going to be gone lone before I give up, I tend to stay in an auction when I enter it, no matter what the retail value is, but I never ever bid more than retail when DealDash offers all your bids back for purchasing an item.  At some point it just makes sense to purchase the item and get ALL you bids back.  It’s quite a relief to purchase an item and get your bids back.  Think about it, you get your item and you get your bids back to try for another item.  Keep it simple, don’t bid on item out of your reach and if you are a 200 bid pack player, keep it small, in this case it’s best to stick to items under $200.


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Then there are the ones who NEVER leave, get to know them because you can outbid them by waiting until they have exhausted their lot.  This takes time to learn, but it is well worth it.  You can learn these players by watching, you don’t have to bid in every auction.  When I first started at DealDash, I was excitable and over zelloius, this mind set breeds foolish play.  We ask ourselves WHY? I don’t know and to this day I still do this from time to time even when I know this guy never gives up and I will most likely not win either.  Well, in fact I did it today, I used 800 bids on an item I knew the other player wouldn’t give up on, he didn’t and I didn’t win. In fact the auction went on for hundreds of bids more than I used and to this moment is still unclosed and the other guy has easily use three times the bids I did.

You can’t always be sure how many bids the other guy will use, but if you know the competition, you can estimate the number of bids they will use.  NEVER underestimate the “over bidder” they are out there, they don’t change their stripes and they never will.  In this case, it’s best to just walk away.  By walk away I mean, give it the old college try, but if you know this person is an over bidder  then don’t waste too many bids trying to teach them a lesson.

In the end I used 800 bids to lose, this is an everyday occurrence, and they use well over 2000 bids to win.  Sometimes you have to weigh whether it is worth your while to just back down and let the other guy win, or stay involved and lose a ton of bids.

It’s never an easy position to be in when there are 1000’s of bids involved, but do your homework, know you competition, never spend more than retail on an item, that is just foolish! and always, always, always bid with intelligence and not emotion.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!