Let's talk Strategy at DealDash

After the hours I’ve spent on DealDash I have developed a fool proof strategy!  (Well, kind of, there’s no true “fool proof”, really) There are a few iron clad rules you really need to adhere to if you plan on being a winner at DealDashing! The first of these is PATIENCE!
You’re not going to win if you are impatient.  No matter how many bids you pounce down, you won’t win if you don’t slow down. Well, maybe you will win a quick 30 dollar item, but if you want to contend with the “power bidders”, you need to slow down.  The big ticket items come with many power bidders who need to be outsmarted! The smaller items take more patience and attention.
The way to determine the big items from the small ones is right on the prize meter.  You are able to win 3 big items (over 200 dollars) and 6 small items (under 200 dollars) each week. Your week is determined by the day of the week you join, and that is your renew day from then on.
That leads me to the number two and not any less important strategy, if you don’t know your competition, you will most likely waste bids.  The best way to know your competition is to watch quite a few auctions before, you start bidding.  The best strategy for beginners is to start small.  You will find that the people in the small auction spend a lot of time there and often are not willing or able to go for the big prizes, there’s nothing wrong with that strategy, in fact, I recommend it and stayed there myself for six months.  Learn the patterns of people who have been bidding the longest, and ignore the newbies!
You have “stats” for every player.  You can see how long they have been bidding by the join date posted in the auction.  But, better than that is the comment.  Some people give away their strategy right there.  I have found that people usually don’t lie…so when their comment says “I’ll be back” or “I’ve always been here” it means they will be back and they have always been watching.  They are the players who are conserving bids and plan on pouncing later in the auction.
Then there is the player who says, “I will BIN” they probably will “Buy It Now” if it’s a 200 or less, but not so likely if it’s in the thousands.  They are the “dreamers”.  Now there are the little old folks, do not underestimate their spending power! You will know them by these comments, “7 grand children, 5 great grand children….” etc. along those lines  They notoriously over bid, and don’t care about how much of your money they spend.  Stay away from them.  Good news about them is they are rarely up in the middle of the night.
Then there are the player and player.  for example  “TomNTerry” or “MitchGail” (fake and made up names, if you find them it’s a coincidence)  These are the couples who seem to have endless amounts of money for bidding.  They are likely to overbid.
The best, and my favorite comments are about peoples occupation, they will tell you what they do for a living, you can get a pretty good sense of how much they are willing to spend on bids and products.  Don’t believe the guy who says he’s “rich” or “overpaid” they are just full of fluff!  The best comments to hide behind are the defaults “This Player has not filled out comments for 3 free bids” and “hello” or “have a nice day”.  My comment falls in this category.
These are just a few of the playing strategies I have learned and developed over my time at DealDash, I hope you find them helpful.  Stay tuned to my blog for a more in depth article about strategy. This is only the beginning.
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDash user since 2014.